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Information/Paper Help

I have to write a paper on steroids and I was wondering if i could get some help. the paper is supposed to be an informative one not one where i take a side for or against.

what are some of the popular steroids? what steroids are for powerlifters, body builders, athletes etc.? what makes one steroid more potent than another? any other info that you might think helpful please let me know. thank you very much.


someone already did a paper on that and posted it to a site called www.dosomefuckingresearch.com

you can just go grab what he did and switch it around a little so it looks like your own.

Soooo…you’re basically asking people to do your homework for you. That’s a) ridiculous b) annoying c) demonstrates no intellectual curiosity on your part. Those are not things that make people want to help you.

This site is a gold mine of information. Use it and don’t ask for a handout.

Lazy Sod’…