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Information on Maltodextrin and FOS

Does anyone know anything about these ingredients:

  1. Low DE Maltodextrin
  2. Fructooligiosacchrides

Do they have a high GI? Are they okay?

Also, are there any issues with sunflower oil? What about canola oil?

1 yes

2 from Eric Talmant on elite FTS
"I am not that familiar with oligofructose. I am going to guess that it might be fructo-oligosaccaride, which is a type of soluble fiber. On its own, it is not that sweet and is often combined with more intense sweeteners. Because manufacturers know exactly how to get away with mislabeling ingredients, if you see that there is a fructo-oligosaccaride there is a good chance that it is actually fructose, which would ultimately mean that the product is not sugar-free. If you knew for sure that the oligofructose came from a natural source such as chicory root, then I would say alright.

However, it can also be manufactured synthetically and as such is probably cheaper, easier to mass produce, and thus more prominent in packaged products. Therefore, if you are finding it added to an already artificially-produced-laden product like a nutrition bar, then I would probably stay away."

both oils are just the oils they arent bad no


Thanks Phil-

I forgot to mention dextrin?

Also, I eat these puddings that have low DE maltodextrin in them. I read it helps amalgamate the protein in the mix. The label says they have 4 g. of carbs. Would you avoid these?