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Information on Bolodine?


Hey guys , another noob post of mine. IN my defense i just want to gain as much as knowledge as i can before i actually decide to go on the gear.

Some of my mates who ahve used steroids in the past have said that Bolodine (not quite sure if thats the spelling) is a real good anabolic. I've tried looking on other websites but cant seem to find any information on it.

So was hoping someone could give some info on it.






Here's a good place to start in your quest to gain as much knowledge as possible:


After you have exhausted all avenues that lovely site provides, come back here with your questions.


Thanks Cortes your a Life Saver!!!!


btw Thanks mntnbiker, i found what i was looking for


Believe it or not, I'm completely serious. This is not a Friday night and a 6-pack we are talking about here. We are talking about your endocrine system, future reproductive health, possibly even mental health issues. A host of issues and real problems that can arise from you not knowing what you are doing. I understand you said you are trying to learn as much as you can before you start, but I want to emphasize that, if you really mean that, you will not be asking any more questions here, certainly anymore of the kinds of question posed in this thread, until you have actually taken the advice I gave you.

I don't think too many of the vets here will disagree with me.

Good luck.


Not a vet here, but I agree. You learn a lot more researching on your own, gaining a broad understanding, then presenting refined questions.


Thanks Cortes, But it was only because i couldn't find that particular Steroid compound, is why i posted on here. I had already come across boldenone, but figured id ask on here just to make sure.

But i do get what you mean, this is serious and its your body and long term effects need to be taken into consideration. Trust me when i say im no hurry to take them , and trust me when i say i have some noobs stupid enough to be on the juice and not lift weight thinking its going to do everything for them. therefore the least i can do is educate myself and then educate them .

anyways thanks for the heads up.



Okay. Good luck to you.