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Information from the Doctor

Ok, i went to the orthopedic dr. yesterday to get my shoulder injury examined. He diagnosed my injury as either a nerve impingement or arthritis in the area. He gave me some exercises to do which should help strengthen the area. He also took x-rays. My question is, what do I do now? I’ve sought ART therapy in the past with some success. Should I consider more of the same, and do you guys and gals think it would be beneficial given this type of problem? BTW, is it odd he didn’t take an MRI?

Shoulder replacement! :slight_smile:

There are a lot of people who read these forums who are well versed in this area. If you were to post your EXACT information, then you might have better luck at an answer.

I would agree with the MaxX. While trying to make an exact diagnosis over the internet would be inappropriate, having more specific info would at least provide the ability to come up with a differential diag. and give some educated recommendations on how to proceed from there.

As a general rule, provide the following info regarding your injury:

Onset: When did it start and what/how/etc. seemed to cause it?

Provocative factors: What movements, exercises, positions, etc. make it worse?

Palliative factors: What makes it better?

Quality: What does it feel like? (sharp, burning, aching, tight etc.)

Radiation: Is the pain localized or does it travel to other areas?

Setting/Site/Severity: Does it only hurt @ the gym, etc? Where exactly does it hurt? (front/side/back, etc) How severe is the pain? (0-10,none-worse possible)

Timing: Is the pain constant or does it come and go? Better in the morning/evening, etc

If you have had previous injuries to the area, and any diagnostic test results would also help.

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[quote]ransomed wrote:
He diagnosed my injury as either a nerve impingement or arthritis in the area. [/quote]

Get another opinion–you want a really good orthopod. A really good PT is almost as good (perhaps better, depends).