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Information about your New Book

Hi CT, I would like to know a few things about your new book before purchasing it.

  1. It is clear that it has hypertrophy programs, but are some of they suited to strength too? (let’s say a 50/50 focus).

  2. Does it has programs for 3-4-5-6 training days?

  3. Is there information about neurotyping training? (best programs for some neurotype as an example)

  4. It includes nutrition info. Does it tells you how to tweak nutrition considering the neurotype?

Thank you for your time, Ignacio.

The programs are mostly geared toward hypertrophy. Yes, there is some “heavy-ish” work on the big basic lifts but the focus remains hypertrophy.

The programs are on 4 days.

There is no neurotyping info. That alone would be a 200-250 pages book. At first this started out as only writting a program with some info about hypertrophy and it ended up being a book.

There is nutrition info but not about nutrition for your neurotype. For that, you’d have to either get the online certification or attend a neurotyping course.

I might write a book on neurotyping in the future, but my plate is very full at the moment.

Thank you so much for the quick answer!!

There’s a new book??

Is the new book Maximum Muscle Bible? Its been out for almost two years if it is that one I think, I just bought it , was a little disappointed because the training seems to be geared towards the training of muscles one time a week. But if there is a new book then I would look forward to that very much especially if theres a kindle version!