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Information About Nandrolone?

I’m curious if anyone has any experience with nandrolone and it’s effects? My doctor says it’s somewhat new in the world of T replacement, and that it can raise Test levels while not affecting E2 levels nearly as much as Test cypionate. I’ve read up on it a bit, and saw some information saying it suppressed testosterone? Doesn’t make sense to me, but my doc insists that E2 is my problem and I don’t want to take an AI, so he wants me to try nandrolone. Any input would be appreciated.

Not too sure about what you have been told. Perhaps this will help:

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Perhaps you misunderstood your doctor. It is not a replacement for T and is highly suppressive of natural T production. Have you ever heard of the term DECA dick in bodybuilding circles? DECA is Nandrolone Decanoate, trade name Deca-Durabolin. He is somewhat correct in that it converts to E2 at a much lower rate than T, but it does convert. It has a relatively long half-life, so even after you stop using it the suppression of the HPTA lingers on, hence the term DECA dick (really bad ED).

There is a shorter acting ester called Nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP). It is just as suppressive as DECA but if much faster to clear the system.

Nandrolone is popular among bodybuilders because it has a much higher anabolic to androgenic ratio than T. I seem to remember that it is 10X more anabolic as T. This means that it stimulates muscle growth better than T but is much less supportive of male sex characteristics, which is because it does not convert to DHT.

It is also popular among athletes because it is purported to stimulate collagen synthesis via enhanced IGF-1 production. This makes it appealing to athletes with joint and tendon problems.

Regardless, it is never to be used as a replacement for T. It must be used simultaneously with T so that you have the androgenic actions of T supplemented with the anabolic actions of nandrolone.


Don’t do this. Its very possible you will get deca dick and it can take a LONG time to recover. I was taking NPP and erection quality became affected almost immediately even when stacked with 500 mg of Test per week.


There are countless posts on the Pharma forum about deca dick.

May want to take a look

I already have, and a majority of them are huge doses. I read one guy’s doc said doses around 100mg and lower, that’s its usually not a concern, and some people actually have better erections with it. Also could depend on the person, this is not for a body building cycle, I’m assuming he will drop my T dose to 100mg or less, then add some nandrolone. I will definitley ask him about the ED issues that Deca can cause and see what he says. My consult is in half an hour.

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Just finished my consultation, doc said doses that are 100mg and lower, the ED issues are very rare and I shouldn’t have to worry about that, his concern was me being a young guy and it hyping me up too much. He recommended doing 0.05 mL of each, the strength of my test cyp is 200mg per mL, not sure about the deca yet, I’ll find out when it’s ordered.

Trust the advice about the risk of Deca-Dick, even at a low dose. I have not experienced it personally, but it is a possible reality. I ran 90mg Nandrolone with 180mg T Cyp for 4 weeks, twice. I chose to stop early both times because of a feeling of depression and dullness that was setting in. At first erections were really good, but they got weaker further in. Libido went down to. Not positive why. Might be a high e2 thing for me. My libido always takes a hit when my e2 is high. I noticed my temper got quite shorter. Felt like an asshole at the drop of a hat. Gym time is amazing. Physique and pumps are great even at that low dose. I chose to run it for phsyique. Thats it. Be careful and know that the combined experience and advice from most guys here on this subject likely outweighs your docs.

Thanks for the advice, and I forgot to mention that we talked about that as well, he said another reason for the ED is high e2, because large doses of Test are added to counteract the nandrolone, and causes high e2 issues. I hope it does the trick, I’ve been on TRT for nearly a year and a half with no benefit besides body hair and a bit more muscle, but recently gained alot of weight back. I’d love to get in killer shape and feel like a monster.

Yeah, that’s because it isn’t his dick that could break. It’s a lot easier to tell people to not worry about something when you know you’re not the one who will have to live with the consequences. If you want trt—which in case your doctor missed it, the first t stands for testosterone—then use testosterone. Period. It works. It’s used worldwide for a reason. Controlling e2 is not that hard, which is the state your dick will be in if you start running only 100mg of nandrolone and nothing else.


He’s absolutely not correct about what causes deca dick. It’s not high e2, at least not in most cases. Guys take big doses of test and nand and eat asin like candy and still have issues. It’s far more complicated than he’s making it seem. DHN seems like it could be the most likely culprit, but that’s just speculation.

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And to clarify. I was never saying high e2 was causing DD for me. I was saying high e2 may have impacted my libido and erection quality. A major difference. From what I understand DD is when your Dick is a wet noodle and does not work! :frowning: Controlling DD is not as simple as controlling e2. As if that were the case all these DD cases wouldn’t exist…

Thanks for all the input, I’m going to give it a try still, but as soon as I show any sign of ED I’ll quit it. The potential benefits sound too good to pass up. I’m only taking 70mg, so if it does cause problems, hopefully they won’t last as long.

I do not know what “very rare” means in this context, but I couldn’t say that. Off the top of my head, I’d say it’s reported to me by at least 10% of the guys and maybe as many as 20%.

Just keep in mind clearance times for deca are ~4 weeks, so expect side effects to last about that long if you experience them.

I understand what is the idea of your doctor. Very bad idea of the next doctor afraid of estradiol…

Dude…I got prescribed Deca @ 130mg/week by my doc for telling him I want my arms to get bigger since they’re lacking. I was SO excited. Hoped on, 3-4 weeks in I started having erection issues - big time. Cialis wouldn’t help, extra T wouldn’t help…listen to everyone, skip the Deca unless you don’t care about being able to perform!


Again, I’m aware of the possibility, I’ve discussed it with my woman, and she’s fine with it, I told her if it doesn’t work out I could have ED for awhile. She agreed it was worth the risk. Also my dose is half of yours, and not everyone gets it.

Have you considered asking him to prescribe NPP instead of DECA for your initial trial? They both can cause the same ED issues but withdrawal from DECA can take months to complete. NPP, on the other hand, will pretty much totally leave you body in 3 to 4 weeks.

I have to know. Sorry, my brain does not allow for unanswered questions. What is the benefit vs the risk here? Like what’s the goal that cannot be accomplished through more traditional means? I’m not being a smart ass, I’m genuinely asking.