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Information About Alpha Male?



i have some questions about Alpha Male product....

1 what does it do to the muscles for a bodybuilder ???

2 is there any side effects for using Alpha Male ??


Try reading the articles, they go over all the science.

1) Alpha Male boosts natural testosterone production, which can have a positive effect on muscle mass.

2) No side effects that I'm aware of, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Each person reacts to supplements differently, you'll need to try it and observe the results.


Agreed, read the article on it in the T-Nation store. Are you fairly new to this? The benefits of increased testosterone in regard to muscle building are pretty commonly known. Side effects are generally associated with higher then normal levels of synthetic test (steroids) rather then a natural test booster which only elevate your own testosterone to higher natural levels.



one side efect that I did notice was a BIG WOODY this is a common problem when taking test boosters so make sure your wife or girlfriend can handle the extra work load!!!


I was reading in one of the other threads that it can down regulate your natural test levels. Is this true for Alpha Male? If there is a huge spike in test levels, I can see the body compensating for that, but I'm not sure how big the effect of the product is.


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is that not normal? heh,
how long on it before you start to see or notice changes like that?


mine is coming in the mail as we speak. I have been taking ephadarine, and am tired of it. I am hoping this give me better benefits.


It's not something I would worry about with Alpha Male. It's certainly not going to compromise your natural test levels - it's formulated to do the exact opposite! You'll get an increase in natural test production, but not to such extreme levels that it will trigger your body to convert it to estrogen (like you see with steroids).

But, if you are concerned about controlling estrogen levels in general, you could always look into something like REZ-V.