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Informatics Engineering or Any Similar Experience?

As Im near of getting to university, I want to hear from people that has studied what I want to do or has any experience about it. Im not sure if it even exist in the USA so I’ll listen to whatever you say

In Spain is computer engineering but mainly you program I think.
We have been programming HTML, Java and some Python and I really like it but I wasnt sure with things about job, money, projects, etc

Wow, thanks for the info. Im almost sure that if I have the chance of leaving my country to get a good job, Im taking it because our economical situation isnt very optimistic.
I still have a lot of things to do first before getting a job or something like that but Im quite enthusiasted with the idea of working in something I enjoy. Do you think that its very necessary to have experience with computers to study something like this?

I haven’t seen that happen, but it can be a case by case basis depending on context.

Telling someone “we can stop using this forum and continue the discussion on another forum” isn’t allowed. Especially to an absolutely random and unrelated, borderline spammy, site.

There’s zero reason why the discussion can’t continue here. If you guys choose to speak Spanish, that’s your call if it’s necessary, but we generally suggest members speak English to allow the greatest possible contribution from the most members.

There have been a few threads over the years discussing similar topics, like this one. Choosing to limit this thread by speaking Spanish would exclude a lot of potential advice, especially when it’s quite clear you can both communicate in English.

Yep. Fortunately, my opinion goes a long way here.

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I was excited to see that you posted here but then not that much hahah
English is not a problem for me and neither speaking here rather than by PM as more people can also learn something
Anyways thanks for making this site a better place :heart:

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