Informal Poll

While this poll is more aimed at Vixen response, T-men feel free to throw in your experiences.

Question: What do Vixen prefer? Big, thick, strong men (approx 9-10%bf) or lean, endurance trained, and possible equally as strong men (approx 5-7% body fat).

Is this purely an individual thing? I’m curious to hear the responses.


I’m not a chick, but it sounds like you’re asking,“Do you prefer a large and lean guy or a skinny and lean guy?”

My point is that no one, but someone who owns a pair of calipers, notices a few percent BF that you mentioned. Especially when you consider the fact that guys with alot of muscle mass can look ripped at a higher percentage bodyfat because they have enough muscular mass to show through.

In this case, the thick guy has a higher body fat, but is by no means out of shape. Obviously, the ration of muscle mass to body fat will be the key factor, but in general, i am referring to those with lean physiques vs. those who have more thick physiques.

To clarify: when the thick physiqued person really dies it in, his leaness is somewhat “odd” in that he looks more emaciated than does the lean guy in the first place.


No offense intended, but I never understood these types of polls.

But I’m sure it is just for amusement/curiousity, so no biggie.

I’m a guy, but from talking to women, this seems purely a personal matter. Some women like large muscular men, some prefer a lean athletic physique, some prefer an “average” physique, and a very few actually like chunky men.

So basically, the rule is, aim for the physique YOU want, don’t lift to get girls. Becuase no matter what your physique, there will be some chicks who dig it, and some who don’t.

Now these are some low BF percentages (at least, far from the normal or healthy BF ranges). In short, not instantly accessible by all types at start for various reasons (possible for mesomorphs, quite harder for endomorphs).

Add another question to that: how much time can that guy manage to keep it at that level?

My guess is that if you stray too much from your natural setpoint, you will have one hell of a fight to give to stay there if your setpoint is not naturally close to these levels (or if you are an ectomorph).

I prefer the look of a big, thick guy, tall too if we’re fantasizing about perfect bodies!


i think most girls lean towards a dude with a personality. me lift weight me eat food now.

I like all kinds - guys with that macho, football player kind of look, you know, all muscley and big but with an acceptable amount of fat; lean guys with alot of defined muscle-er, I meant to say that I’m sure T-Vixens probably like that because I, in no way, um…am even slightly…oh, hell-

I gotta go now…

this thread sure went to hell in a hurry, vain

Totally off the hook here…this was completely an informal question with no hidden agendas

On that note:

Do girls prefer “thicker” guys (or at least the ones that do) do so becuase it makes them feel more “in shape” and not as conscious about their own alpha and beta receptors?

I prefer thicker men to thinner men. Aesthetically, the thinner/underwear model physique may look good but I like how my body feels when I’m close to a bigger man. It’s a feeling of being protected. That’s just not something that I get when I cuddle with a thin man…

I like a bigger guy. From my past dating trends I usually date the bodybuilder type.
I like big, hard lean bodies, and unfortunately for me there aren’t that many around (that’s why I’m single). And I like a man with brains; someone who can understand why I spend my friday nights reading about fat, fat loss, heart diesease etc. etc.

I guess you could say my perfect man is one that lives a few provinces away (JB) Damn, life isn’t fair sometimes, but hey, at least I’ve met him and know he exists.

~karma~ gave a pretty complete answer to the question that I would imagine holds true for a lot of women from what I’ve heard and experienced.

Another thing to consider is what the woman is seeing. Women seem to have a better reaction to my body when I’m heavier (more fat and muscle), but they typically only see me in clothes then. I imagine that might be a little different if I walked around without a shirt on all day. Then BF% might be more important.

But I hear the protective/safe thing a lot from girls. I also don’t know how I’d feel about myself if my girl could overpower me while being an average girl. I wouldn’t feel attractive, and therefore would not be perceived as such either.

As a guy, you also need to know how to dress for your body. That can change how women perceive your build.

Then again, this is a bodybuilding forum, so it shouldnt surprise you if the answers you get sound the same. Go to a triathlete forum and the reponses you get will be quite different.

“And I like a man with brains; someone who can understand why I spend my friday nights reading about fat, fat loss, heart diesease etc. etc.”

I’ve just determined that you are my perfect lady, Cassanova.

(Oh, hell, I’m already married…)


Hard and Lean, that is the golden pair and the hardest to achieve…at any rate, I might feel I look better when ripped and gaunt (so to speak), but if you underweight the woman you are with, or are too close to her weight, shit hits the fan.

However, one can look very good from a “tri-athelte” perspective when lean and gaunt.


Cass, I do understand your academic mentality. That may be harder to find then the big hard lean body. I would suspect most muscleheads that actively compete, don’t know a whole hell of a lot about what we do, nor care.

CASS: I`m not afraid for your relationship future at all.

Just based on all the hoot you generate in this community, I have no problem imagining that you will find your brainy stud eventually if you do start to search in the bigger pool out there.

Just be patient and keep your cool in the meantime. Trust me, it works wonders.

Cass, are you saying that you want a guy that understands your passion of academic interests or a man that shares the passion for the same interests (nutrition)?

If it’s the former, they abound. If it’s the latter, they’re more rare, but probably spend a whole lot of time doing what you’re doing, thus you rarely find them. :frowning:

Also, it’s strange, but you sound an awfully lot like Maureen. It’s amazing how much delivery of a topic can change the audience’s reaction.

What would you do if you find the academic man, who is not excpetionally hard, big and lean, but is otherwise “in shape”.

That’s a interesting one.

Where do we draw the line between EVERYTHING we want, and chasing after some fantasy thats probably just that.

I myself have asked myself this question many a time: I need a Vixen who not only respects the academic culture, but also respects the pursuit of physical enhancement, and all the nuances and stupid routines it might require in her eyes (including bingeing and ultra strict dieting).


Dude, I had some chicks tell me that I was overweight because they know some guys that are “muscular” (yes, their word) and the same height as me (6’1) and weight 155 lbs!!!

Musclular. 6’1. 155 lbs.

Something ain’t right there!

Then again, there’s this chick that’s a friend of my brother’s that things big bodybuilders are “just right.”

Who the hell knows, dude. But my guess is the AVERAGE consensus is most woman don’t want a huge guy…just fairly muscular and fairly lean.

Look the way you want to look!