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Informal Colorado Experiment Results - Wow!

SO I decided to look into the infamous “Colorado Experiment” about 7 weeks ago. After reading everything I could on it I designed the following program:

Certain Elements are also taken from Sheiko

2 Workouts a week, Tuesday/Saturday

Tuesday - POWER workout
Bench - 3x8 90%, 3x6 75%, 3x5 50%, 3x5 35%
Squat - 3x8 90%, 3x6 50%, 3x5 50%, 3x5 35%
Deadlift - 3x5 90%, 3x6 75%, 3x5 50%, 3x5 35%

All lifts are down with explosive power, then a slow negative.

Saturday - FOCUS workout
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Weighted Reverse Sit ups
Weighted Crunches
Military Press Machine (or dumbells)
Squats (3x8@90%)
Curls with sissy bar
Triceps Extensions

4000-5000 cals a day
I’m heavy on the protein, with a focus on natural sources like chicken and beef. I’m not freaking out about carbs and I probably have 20% of my diet in them

Starting Weight - 197lbs
Starting Body Fat - 20%
Starting Bench - 235
Starting Squat - 250
Starting Deadlift - 310

After 6 weeks
Weight - 209
Body Fat - 20%
Bench - 285
Squat - 350
Deadlift - 455

I was a total doubter, but dear god have i seen the light!

For the first time my fiancee looked at me and said “Jesus, you’re getting BIG!”. My pants are getting tight in the thighs, shirts tight in the chest/arms.

I guess the idea of monger recovery was right. Not right for everyone, but it really has been working for me.

Did you only train 2x a week??

Phenomenal progress, especially the strength gains

Were you on any drugs when you did this? I’m not gonna say “Oh, it’s only because he did roids.” You still grew by leaps and bounds. I just saw that you posted in the Steroids forum and it seems like everyone who kicks ass with the Colorado Experiment has been on drugs.

How were you able to do EIGHT sets of Triples at 90% of your Max? I’d really like to know how your “Power” workout log looks.

Did you really train your Squat and Deadlift that much before? I can understand a jump from 235 to 285 in 7 weeks but a 100 pound gain in a Squat Max can usually only be explained if you didn’t train your squat very hard in the past.

Glad you found something that works really, really well for you.