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Info Wars "Deplatformed" What Say Ye?


On the network? Without pushback? Supporting NAzis?

Mainstream media already does that and certainly they’d be all over videos of nazi groups passing out knives and talking about leading people into firearm ambushes. But you are arguing from authority. It’s irrespective of the argument. Note you aren’t making a substantive claim about the facts regarding Antifa or the media members in that video.

I find it ironic that you a lambasting a comedian for not doing investigations that don’t suit his narrative in response to a video of actual large popular news organizations turning down the results of and already completed investigation because the videos contradict their narrative. That’s almost too much, even for you.


If talking about killing the president is treason, then the left now has a monopoly on that type of treason.

But yes, violence is worse than saying you want to hang the president. rioting is worse than uncivil discourse. I don’t like ted, but until he bashes political enemy’s heads in with a lock, antifa is worse.


CNN defending/excusing antifa: https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2018/08/14/closing-argument-nazi-antifa-equivalency-cpt-vpx.cnn


I didn’t say talking about killing the POTUS is treason

Agreed. There’s typically a pretty big drop off of wanting a guy dead when you’re looking at the people that put him there.



He has said things on several platforms, hence how we know about them, and he kept getting invites. I don’t know what Nazis have to do with it since antifa doesn’t support them either.

I would watch something by an unbiased source.

And the author of the Antifa has been on “lefty” mainstream news and asked flat out if he supports violence by interviewers who clearly did not agree with it. They wanted him to disavow it.


Until a dem is in the White House, again.

What leads to rioting and violence.

BTW, there are plenty of Youtube videos of white people yelling at people they believe to be illegals, or maybe they don’t even care about whether they are illegal and being Latino is enough. There was that lawyer in NYC, for example. You have people calling the police on black people for being black. This isn’t a one sided issue.


Fine, but there are different levels of platforming. Do they put him in front of an audience, let him say stupid/horrible things and leave it at that? Or do they have him there for argument and push against his narrative when/if he says something like that? I mean the NYT hired an extremist left wing admitted racist to the board to help direct their coverage. I’m not seeing that sort of level from the right.


watch the unedited video. Antifa members talking on video is there to see.


We’ll see I guess. That’s probably true, but the violent rhetoric against Trump is pretty unrivaled in scale. Granted it was worse under Obama than I remember it before him, it’s still far more prevalent now than under Obama.


Is that really what Cuomo did? Or is he saying that there is no equivalency between the Nazis and Antifa? Did you even watch the video? I have a feeling you didn’t since at around the 40 second mark he says that Antifa was “wrong.” Seriously, the video is the exact opposite of what you claim.

And there is no equivalency there. I can show certain things about Trump that he has in common with Hitler. But I wouldn’t say that Trump and Hitler are the same.


There is a lot of equivalency between antifa and nazis. Regardless, like I’ve said antifa is indefensible. He starts out saying antifa was wrong, then spends the rest of the time walking back that statement and excusing their violence. It doesn’t matter if they are equivalent, antifa is indefensible. Cuomo and CNN are supporting antifa by offering a relativistic moral excuse for what they do.


My grandpa still has the flag he flew next to his US flag with Obama on a noose.

I agree the lefts rhetoric sucks these days, but we’re still a good bit away from the calls to violence we saw under Obama.

That being said, it’s to be expected. Lot of mouth breathers bought into the birther movement.


He actually didn’t. He said hitting people, outside of self-defense, is wrong. He simply said that to call people who are fighting racism the same MORALLY as those who are promoting racism is wrong, even if they are both equally guilty of using violence. He even called Antifa members losers. He made a distinction between the members of the anti hate crowd because they weren’t all antifa and said that to judge the entire anti hate movement as violent because of some losers is wrong.


There are plays being preformed, music videos, est depicting assassinations. Congress people are calling for harassment of political enemies. People are getting the crap kicked out of them for wearing dumb hats. Maybe part of the disparity I see is because celebs have big platforms and they tend to be on the left. The hatred and violent rhetoric is at an all time high and the republicans are the one in power, so it’s mostly coming from the left.


And a lot of things that are different. Does Antifa have anything equivalent to the Volkisch movement and Lebensraum? Do they have an ideology based on scientific racism?


And where I live, I have seen none of that. Berkeley is not America. I see and hear about videos showing this or that but I have never seen any of it.


I would agree the left has a lot more public facing outlets to express their hate

I’m not sure how you’re quantifying this. Probably anecdotal, but I can confirm my personal experience definitely doesn’t line up with yours.

Hell I’ve got family still calling for Hillary’s execution, and she’s been old news for years


Moral justification by relativism. exactly. People committing violence are always morally worse than those not. Even racists. A peaceful racist is less evil than a violent anyone else. Regardless, antifa is indefensible and there is no moral need to compare them to anyone unless you want to arrive at some relative moral justification. I suppose if you smash someone’s head in for being black it’s kinda worse than doing it because you don’t like their political speech, but pointing that out is idiotic. AND again, no one on the right does any sort of thing with the nazis. When you are talking about evil people and condemning their violence, you don’t start talking about how they aren’t as bad as someone else.


Not to speak of the devil, but she might still run again. I think the Dems would be idiots to let that happen, but I wouldn’t put anything out of possibility in today’s politics.


What was the rhetoric like during the Vietnam War years? I’m not saying you personally know, but from what I’ve read and seen on TV, it seems like things were pretty volatile.We did have Kent State.