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Info Wars "Deplatformed" What Say Ye?


Are you saying that what they are doing today is worse than what Nazis have done? I don’t think that is what you are saying. Relative to today, they are still not as bad as the Nazis were. They are not “our Nazis.”

Have any antifa members walked into a church and murdered a bunch of people? You might want to rethink how irrelevant what people believe is.


I agree with the first paragraph. I wrote everything in present tense. And again, I’m talking about the left, not liberals.

Not totally sure to be honest. We could argue about the relative badness of murdering people vs. shutting down freedom of speech in a society, but I’d rather not. Who on the right has defended a Nazi church shooter though?


Me too but, with reference to the Nazis, besides murder, they also shut down free speech.

I would hope no conservative would. As far as the right, if you go far enough, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone on the extreme end would.

As far as people defending antifa, I think, just like with BLM as a formalized movement, many don’t even know what they really stand for. They probably see any violence as aberrations within a larger, more peaceful movement. Maybe some politicians are scared for some reason. Trump didn’t immediately denounce the KKK’s and white supremacist endorsements. He hasn’t sought to distance himself from Alex Jones or those Q weirdos. Both sides are allowing fringe elements to dictate policy and have a power that is greater than what their numbers would suggest. And these elements ultimately don’t even share the same values as they are outside of any conservative and liberal spectrum.


They used to.

Like main stream media anchors and politicians? cause the left does for antifa violence.

Antifa has violence in their platform. For them violence isn’t fringe it’s their purpose. If you endorse antifa, you endorse political violence as a tool. Trump got crushed by the left and right for not immediately condemning the extreme right. However, many on the left not only don’t condemn the extreme violent left, they endorse and defend it.


Before you make these statements, you should have your facts straight. Just Google Nancy Pelosi and antifa.


Didn’t watch the video I already posted huh? The fact that one politician on the left condemned antifa does not show that main stream media and politicians don’t. If you would like me too, I can start posting videos for you where they excuse/endorse antifa.

For example of something resent I just watched, listen to this “debate”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYgBg8UYys8
At 4 minutes the left wing debater michael eric dyson defends antifa.

FTR I’m not a huge fan of Candice Owens and I think this who segment is pretty stupid.


Thanks for the link, I agree it was a shit show on all sides. She was on Joe Rogan a few months ago if anyone is interested. It was not the most enjoyable of his podcasts. I think it came in at 2.5 hours and she really isn’t interesting enough to carry that time. She’s articulate and seems sincere in her beliefs, I don’t think she is supporting Trump for pay or publicity. But she’s not that intelligent or well informed, and sadly I think she only gets the level of attention that she does because she’s black.

The part where they get into climate change is tedious, but says a lot. Basically, she doesn’t believe in it, because she’s on Team Republican. That’s intellectually weak. Her whole platform is based on the notion that African Americans are stuck on Team Democrat, to their detriment, and that they should think for themselves, which I believe has merit. But then, on that issue, she’s not thinking for herself. I would have been more impressed if she would have said “I’m not well informed on that, so I decline to take a public stance.”

Micheal Eric Dyson is a clown. Using forty words that you just looked up in the thesaurus when ten get your point across is not a sign of intelligence. But it is a great way of hiding the fact that there is little to no substance to your message.

If the media wants to pick on a “token black for Trump” I wish they would give more attention to the Hodge Twins. Those guys may not be geniuses but they are fucking funny, and from my part of the world.


Who is he other than some sociology prof who goes on talk shows to speak for people who don’t know who is? I mention one person, Nancy Pelosi, and you mention one person, who is clearly not in her league. I have not seen anyone support the violence.


How does she propose that people start thinking for themselves? I don’t even know why that would be a good thing. I don’t even know what it actually means. Prisons are full of people who think for themselves.

I’ve seen him on TV and he is annoying as hell. He is a condescending prick who would rather sound intelligent in order to appear right, than just be right.

They’re black?


He is someone the mainstream media (CNN, Fox, MSN, ABC, est.) host to represent the left perspective. Please go back and watch the intro to the Antifa video for a few more examples. Violence as a political tool is literally a core value of their platform and purpose. Any defense of Antifa is an explicit defense of political violence by definition.

Know who this guy is?


In Owen’s defense, her edited youtube stuff is pretty good. Her public speeches are decent. But unscripted debate isn’t her thing. There are certainly better people out there to listen to.


I know what their ideology is. I don’t see all of these influential people supporting violence. Antifa does not like the Democratic party or Democrats, or liberal democracy, so Dems have no reason to support antifa’s politics, let alone their violence. I think some people don’t even know what antifa actually is so really don’t have anything to say.

I know, but in reality he is representing himself as he is a phony leftist. He is actually an elitist.

I believe that is Keith Ellison. That photo is a bit misleading as that is not an actual handbook for anitfa but a book about its history and beliefs. As such, it neither supports nor disavows antifa.


They excuse antifa all the time. They fail to report antifa violence all the time. They spin the headlines all the time. That’s probably a big part of why people don’t know what antifa really does.

Ok. In which case the mainstream media is defending antifa by platforming him.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s how it would go down if a smiling Trump took a picture with a book titled “nazis, the fascist handbook”. Antifa is indefensible. He either understood the optics of that picture or he is a raging idiot.


You mentioned Dyson. “They” is a very vague term. It’s not language that we can use to actually figure out what exactly is real and what is propaganda and hyperbole.

Or maybe they are just allowing him a platform. As Fox allowed Ted Nugent, a creepy buffoon, a platform.

I don’t doubt he supports antifa because he is an idiot, not because of his politics. That book is nothing like Mein Kampf, which, if Trump were to pose with it in a way suggesting he approved of it, should inspire backlash.


Watch the Crowder video for a specific people and institutions very intentionally omitting antifa violence to cover for them or outright defending them. When I list specific cases, you claim it’s just one case. There are currently dozens of specific cases already listed here.

Oh really? The Nuge defended Nazis on fox and got no push-back from the moderator? Any cases of mainstream people on the right defending Nazis?

Well, he’s a pretty high up there Dem idiot or not. And I never mentioned Mein Kampf. I mentioned a hypothetical equivalent to what you claim that antifa book is like.


Not to sound like a jerk, but Crowder is a hack comedian, with no education, who is just trying to self-promote. He is going to present only those things which support his view. He is not impartial, at all.

He was still given the platform, even after calling a mixed race president a mongrel. Allowing someone a platform is not the same as agreeing with their beliefs.

If it were a book that had a provocative title but was not espousing nazi beliefs then people would still get mad, because people are too lazy to read so they just react to memes.


He released the unedited video FYI. The fact that he’s a hack comedian makes the media look that much worse.

I’ll take that as a no, he and Fox didn’t do anything equivalent.

And because if Trump did that it wouldn’t be to promote learning about history. But again, no one on the right does that sort of thing, certainly not without getting excused by the party and media.


Nugent did call for Obama to be hung, and still had a platform.


And I’m sure what Crowder did with regard to the left he would be more than willing to do to the right. Oh wait, that wouldn’t suit his narrative.


But c’mon man. Antifa breaks car windows. How can you compare that to something small like racial fueled treason.

Nugent isnt even in the same league as these Looney lefty antifa folks.


They have this us and them mentality when people like me think they are all losers.

Interestingly, the author of the Antifa Handbook, described what kind of people are part of antifa. They actually fit the profile of a young Hitler, including being unemployed.