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Info Wars "Deplatformed" What Say Ye?


CNN sucks chant = Berkeley on fire, antifa beating people with bike locks and silicon valley and the IRS censoring conservatives?

False equivalence.


He said rally so there is no false equivalence.


Who is antifa? Why are they considered leftists or liberals? A bunch of suburban kids who don’t know anything about politics suddenly are the leading force for political thought from the left? If I say Christians are oppressive bigoted psychos and use Westboro Baptist Church as proof, does that mean I’m right? Think for yourself. Don’t let Fox News and whoever tell you who represents what. There are how many millions of people who lean left in this country? 100? 200? And a handful of children who play too many video games suddenly speak for them. Even Jordan Peterson leans left.


This is HILARIOUS. The main speaking point that Trump brings to all his rallies is that CNN, MSNBC, and everyone NOT Fox News - which is literally state news, since he talks to Hannity every day, advertises their segments on his twitter account, and they pick and choose what to cover - are ‘the enemy of the people’. Fox News are our ‘friends’, and everyone else is ‘them’ and ‘the enemy’ and ‘fake news’. The ‘right’ (if you could even call them that anymore) have a platform that is currently BASED on censorship.

Edit: This is not to say that the left aren’t absolutely guilty of censorship and bullshit, but to say ‘the vast majority’ when the president himself is pushing for censorship every single day, is ridiculous. And why in the fuck is this replying to basement? Definitely quoted DoubleDuce…


Just for shits and giggles you should look into them. What I gleaned it that they’re a pretty well organized leftist group from Europe that have targeted college students in the US to gain a foothold in the political landscape because they are the epitome of useful idiots.


College students can be pretty dumb, but when I think of the poor people I know who voted for somebody who’s never spent a night in their life outside of a penthouse or 5-star hotel as if he would ever care about them, the term useful idiot comes to mind as well.


They have existed in some form since fascism came into existence. I don’t really buy into it being some Euro plot involving dumb college students because there are some old meth addict looking antifa members. It’s all hype. There are more Bloods and Crips than antifa members.


Really? Because censorship has always been a talking point, but I’ve never seen a poisoning of the pool like this, which in my opinion has become a direct affront to the first amendment. When you see similarly organized actions fully equipped with the same flags, uniform disguises, uniform messaging, etc there is a fucking problem. Not just a couple of hippy method heads, but an organized and aggressive effort to change the face of our country. And thus far they have succeeded.

Edit: It would be shortsighted and careless to treat them with the same dismissive attitude as we had when a couple of goofballs drove a boat load of explosives into the USS Cole, or botched a van load of explosives in the parking garage of the Twin Towers.


I wouldn’t be dismissive but I think to say it is something about the left or liberalism is wrong. Something else is driving these individuals. It isn’t true antifascism because they don’t even know what fascism is. These days everyone is a Nazi or fascist. The actual inventors of fascism couldn’t come to an agreement on its definition. The actual doctrine of fascism was written by two different people who did not agree on all points. In fact, when asked to define it one leading fascist referred to it as an attitude more than an ideology.

These are angry people who need some cause to give them a sense of identity. If we simply look at them as being typical of the left we are falling for the trap that the other side wants. It’s no different than looking at Trump supporters or even Trump and thinking typical conservatives. By thinking they are some product of the left we miss the real causes behind their existence.


I don’t even consider them liberal/democrats. Its a newly introduced element to American politics.

My family tree has deep democrat roots. These antifa fucks have nothing to do with them.


You responded to me quoting text from some other guy. I was confused haha.


I think, with the internet and especially with social media, an entire group of people now have very easy access to what could be called “easy” information and are now suddenly into politics. The side they join depends on who can get them angriest. Reality is a lot more complex than the narratives they have swallowed. People wonder how anyone could believe some of the crap that Alex Jones says but the answer is simple. As crazy and ridiculous as some of his claims are, they are still rather simple as narratives. They are stories. They sound like movie plots. They are the kind of movies that a normal person watches and finds a bunch of plot holes but still make 500 million dollars.




Fox is not “literally state news”. They’ve become like CNN when Bill was in office. And yes, while Trump says a lot of idiotic things, he hasn’t literally advocated harassment or silencing of anyone. People at a Trump rally shouting CNN sucks <> smashing people’s heads with bike locks and rioting to prevent right leaning speaker from talking to right leaning people. Youtube isn’t restricting leftists for political content. Twitter isn’t out there going after even the extreme left wing racists (like the one that now works for the times). A sitting left wing member of congress actually advised her supporters to go out and harass the other side.

You have to understand that Criminal rioting and violence to shut down speakers and giving the opinion that something is fake news or sucks are not equivalent. One is free speech one is actual censorship. Last I checked CNN is still in the press pool.


This is why I now use left and liberal independently. Actual liberals are one thing. The left or leftists are something totally different.


As far as anti-fa, while no, they aren’t totally representative of the left, there is a significant portion of the left that gives them a pass. Left wing politicians defend them, the media covers for them, and yet they are far larger and more violent than and actual fascist group in the country. Yes, Antifa is worse than the KKK or nazis, largely because those right wing groups barely exist anymore.


I don’t think that last part is what you wanted to say. Ideologically, although I’m not that familiar with antifa beliefs, I don’t think what they preach is worse than what the KKK or Nazis preach.

As far as behaviors, I don’t think saying antifa is worse than Nazis because today Nazis lack the power they once has, is a good way to word it.


Antifa does preach things worse than the Nazis, though I think we agree that’s largely because Nazis don’t have power. Antifa does more violence and harm than the Nazis do. Period. Regardless of the finer points of ideology. That makes them worse in my book. I don’t car what the 500 KKK members still around believe or preach, because they can’t do anything about it. Antifa is large and active.

Steven Crowder of all people actually did a good job exposing what they are like if you care to give a watch.


If you are comparing the eradication of certain peoples from the face of the earth to what antifa believes I think you lost the plot.

I don’t think the points are finer. They are vastly different.


While I am not well acquainted with the current Nazi platform I do know that the KKK actually preaches non-violence and there aren’t any Nazis out there exterminating people.

Again, Nazis aren’t out there hurting people, so I don’t really care what they believe. Hitler is dead. Antifa is large, powerful and currently hurting people. Today they are worse than Nazis.