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Info Wars "Deplatformed" What Say Ye?


Well he does have a website apparently, so you have a point.
Something just bugs me about the way it was done and the totality of it. He’s been a nut job for a while, what was the straw that broke the camel’s back here?


This is actually a really good question. Not that it would matter, but I bet itd be hella interesting given how much blowback they all knew they’d be getting


Well, that’s true.

So you are saying abortion folks go farther than the Nazis? I guess you can now see they aren’t morally equivalent.

You already mentioned that. Presently they don’t though. Current policy and current evaluations are based on current reality. coumo’s comments were about current events. Actual third riech nazis were worse than current antifa idiots… 60 years ago. Currently antifa is worse than the Nazis. Antifa IS DOING (present tense) more evil.


It might change someone’s view on groups favorably or unfavorably.

People have freedom of thought; it’s actually a freedom that can’t be taken away so long as people have control over their brains. Why people should or have to have their thoughts be changed is beyond me and it seems tyrannical for this to be forced on millions and millions of people.

Also, in the past century, “anti-fascists”, though Not always called a antifa,have murdered and tortured and enslaved tens of millions of people.


Your views are irrelevant. Words mean things. They are definable and tangible. You can choose to believe whatever you want.

According to Merriam Webster the definition of Human Being is Human (screenshot above).

Also it is irrefutable that a fetus/poc that a homo sapien women is carrying is also a homo sapien. It is not a chimp or a mule. The definition of homo sapien contains “human being”.

The law can state whatever legislatures decide it should, whether that agrees with reality or the definition of words is irrelevant. In Connecticut a pickle cannot legally be called a pickle unless it bounces… which has nothing to do with whether it is a brine soaked cucumber.


He is getting sued by the sandy Hook families.


I don’t answer questions that begin with so. It’s bad manners to frame a question that way.

Is the Nazi ideology of today worse than Antifa’s ideology? I would assume it must have some relation to Hitler’s beliefs.


People can think whatever they want, but what are the chances that those thoughts won’t affect their behavior? I would prefer to battle ideas with ideas, than end up having to fight the people who hold particular beliefs. That said, in the USA as well as the Western word in general, we have come to some sort of consensus as to what our core values are. Anyone who preaches against those values should have his ideas challenged intellectually.

Of course it depends on what the antifascists want. Stalin was anti-Nazi even though he and Stalinism were no better.


Words are signs but I get your point, which was my point.

Since human would be a noun, it can be preceded by the indefinite article a, thus: a human. Which means your sentence should read: "According to Merriam Webster the definition of Human Being is a Human. This would avoid the confusion of using human as an adjective.

Homo sapiens is the species we belong to. It has no bearing on personhood.

I would say that the law is very relevant, especially in legal matters.


There is the added problem is now people can say shit about him and attribute anything they want about him on those very platforms and he no longer has those platforms to defend himself.
I don’t like silencing people. People should be able to decide whether or not they want anything to do with someone on the merits of what they say.
I don’t want to ban hate speech because it’s a slippery slope. Depending on who you ask, anything can be classified as hate speech.


The same could be said of any number of media sources where Jones isn’t allowed/entertained. I don’t see this as much of a negative to anyone but Alex Jones.

He wasn’t silenced? Just silenced on their platform.

Ie, you can do whatever you want, you just can’t use my toys to do it

Agreed. Definitely a slippery slope.




Them goalposts be movin again. Here I thought we were defining human being. Okay person and personhood then.




a human being regarded as an individual.

“the porter was the last person to see her”

synonyms: human being, individual,


Jones is being sued for what he has said about Sandy Hook. That is not a case of hate speech. Why would I want to allow someone who is a possible liability on my platform? I’m not saying that is the only reason why these platforms have jettisoned him but it might be part of it.


Also. If “fake news” helped trump get elected. Purging fake news would line up nicely with the goals of the establishment.


Are you trying to find a question for your answers?


No merely piggybacking off your observation that it may not be lawsuit risk alone that got him jettisoned. It was a cogent and rational observation.


If a platform wanted to be seen as a reliable source of news then it would make sense that they would have some sort of vetting process. I doubt Jones would pass that test especially given that he has admitted he is not a journalist but a performance artist. So in reality, this isn’t a case of a news source, fake or otherwise, being suppressed but of what amounts to a fictional TV show getting cancelled. Anyone who lumps Jones in with journalists and journalism might as well throw Kim Kardashian in there as well.


You responded to the wrong post.


As I said, I’ve known and met many racist and ethnocentric people. Not one has harmed anyone, nor do they wish to. None has ever said that each and every individual carries the negative stereotype of a respective group.

And, as I said, some have treated others of other races pretty darn well. I actually know a guy with irreverent things to say about a particular race collectively yet paid an employee of this race a year’s worth of full salary for a year off of work to overcome a personal issue when he had no obigation to do so.