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Info wanted please

I am on 5th week on deca 400mg & sus 500mg cycle. I have gained 25lbs. I weigh now 193lbs and I have also gained strength and dropped my bf 10%. I have also taken clomid 50mg EOD during the cycle. I am asking that should I continue my cycle 3 more weeks?? I am not having much of water retention. My goal is 185LMB. Thansk

Josh, I don’t want to be rude but I find your posting very difficult to believe. Gaining 25lbs with little water and dropping bf by 10% all at the same and in less than 5 weeks is somewhere between downright amazing and a complete untruth, esp. on such a light cycle. If it’s real (and I sincerely doubt it) then stick with it guy, your goose is laying golden eggs. PS - I’m on the same cycle - want to swap gear? Yours obviously has magical properties!

Sorry moderator - finger trouble - that reply was from me!

Maybe Josh is saying his bodyfat dropped TO ten percent, not by 10%. So let’s say his bodyfat
was measured at 12%. By gaining LBM and keeping the same fat, his percentage will drop, and also of course there is random variation in the skinfold measurements, so it’s possible for a 2nd measurement to say you’vegone done 1% when in fact you went up by 1%. Even so his results are remarkable.

In general, most of the time, if a guy has gained 25 lb and hasn’t gained fat, his cycle is about done… the body is going to want some time before it starts being willing to add yet more mass. It will usually figure that it’s done growing now.

However, as a general rule, the user, if a good observer and not prone to imagining things that aren’t there, can tell whether his cycle is making fast progress or not at the moment (results over the last week.) If progress is still fast, and the plan was something short like 5 weeks, sure, try another week, and continue that iteration until you get to what you consider too long (8 weeks would be a good
value where Deca is concerned, since it leaves the system slowly) or you get to where the last week was not really very productive.

Or if you get to say the 6 week point, made
great gains in the first several weeks but
seem to have hit a slump, could be smarter to
stop now, take your off time now, and go for the further gains after the body has had some time, even if you had planned on something longer.