Info to Help Me Get Started

Hey everyone, i’m dan. i’m a 21 year old student, and i’ve been trying for about 4 years to get a bit bigger, more defined etc. id say im endo/mesomorph naturally. i’ve got a little fat on my stomach, chest, arse etc but no one would say im fat. im also strong/tough, but not like id like to be. ive had problems before like rotator cuff injury that put me off lifting for months and months, so im now wary of injuries etc.

basically, i can bent over row 48kg 8 reps, bench 55-60 8 reps, i think i have a slight anterior imbalance etc. i weigh about 13stone something. i’m lifting 2-3 days a week, running 2-3 mornings. i wouldnt say im a novice,

ive done some homework, and lifted many times, its just i seem to plateu, get frustrated/busy with work, and my progress goes, and i have to start again. the whole subject is really complicated, like what ratio of carbs/cals to eat in the day compared to evening/night, supplements to get, when to have them etc. i eat really good, lots of fruit, veg, protein,

i just want someone experienced to school me at length pls. thanks for your time

Sounds like you need some motivation. If you want a kick in the butt in order to keep lifting, I recommend you read Chris Shugart’s blog entries, or most of the Atomic Dogs.

Some of my favorite blogs by Chris Shugart (and those that seem appropriate for you):
I Hear Dead People
Merry Christmas, Bob
Bob Digs a Hole

Others too, that I can’t remember. But those are some of the stars.

Scroll down a bit and read through the “Are You a Beginner” thread.

Basically, don’t make things so complex, just pick a program, eat food and go.

yeh i hear you man, too complex. and it might seem like im lacking motivation, but no. seems like ive been benching 5-60kg 8-12 reps for ever, and not quit. which is my problem. can anyone like say to me what their routine to get past plateaus is, sample days meals, supplements, and any good advice?

its strange, i see kids at the gym who are short, generally lazy (though not in the gym) and eat cereal all day with maybe 1 tin of tuna (i know, i live in halls with them) and they make gains/ have good muscle +bf%, and i’m the same.
i’d do any number of sets/days a week etc, and would spend a little of my disposable income on supplementation. ideas?

Your strong, and you bench 55 for 6?

yeh, PLEASE read the beginners thread, and don’t even use those two words “Anterior imbalance” YET.

cheers for advice, i’m reading some articles, plenty to choose from, this is an awesome source of information. alstan, what u bench (kg)? u’ve got a sarky attitude. i’m built like skinny pete between his before and after pictures, just athletic. if anyone with a good attitude is reading, can u tell me one thing?

when u lift (any exercise will do) do u go to the very limit of ur strength, like for me last week (back from a long layoff which fucked me up) i did 10 reps of 58 1/2kgs, and after, i couldn’t lift the bar halfway- totally fatigued. would you recommend lifting a weight u can do 8-12 reps nop problem, from one set to the last set, to get most fast twitches involved? cos that seems to negate the pain, gain idea. cheers

and il quote something i saw from ZEB- ‘If you do not have the larger rib cage and shorter arms I think the Bench Press will utltimately harm your shoulder joints, no matter how careful you are.’ thats tru for me- i just get sore in my shoulder every time, and not much pec ache