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Info on the New Sweetener Truvia?


Does anyone know anything about the "new, natural" artificial sweetner truvia? Or how it compares to the other artificial sweetners on the market?


it's pretty sweet dude.


Stevia is way better than Truvia. Both are better than aspartame, sucrolose, and ace-k.


Ween away from the sweet.


Lol wut? Evidence & proof?

Edit: Not being rude or cocky, but genuinely interested in the topic. Everything I've read so far suggests the opposite.


Quiet you.


Hey I like the Truvia much better than Stevia. The Stevia has a much more bitter taste and was hard to get use to. The Truvia however does not have that bitter taste and it has more a sugar texture. As been said, go easy on the artifical sweetner.



It's directly toxic to gut bacteria. As we know from other studies, gut bacteria has a significant effect on our bodies. To be fair, the study used large doses of sucralose. But seeing how stevia doesn't have that problem, and also has health benefits that sucralose doesn't have, I'd have to rank it higher. Now that I think about it though, Truvia would be ranked lower. Sugar alcohols are lame.


TG, can you link me to those studies? And what benefits does Stevia have??


Truvia contains erythritol and rebiana. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol found in fruits and fermented products that does not cause gastic distress. Rebiana is extracted from stevia. This sounds like a promising idea to me, because regular stevia tastes nasty to me. In WSJ's taste tests of low-cal sweeteners, Truvia came in at #2. So there you go, a "natural" but low-calorie sweetener.


Sucralose study: http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~content=a902553409~db=all~order=page

Stevia improves insulin sensitivity. There are other proposed benefits too, but the studies don't support them enough to post.

One disadvantage of Stevia is that it does produce an insulin response.


Did you just say 'natural artificial'?


I use Splenda, but the study doesn't worry me. If my math is right, a 200-lb man would have to ingest 250 packets of Splenda per day before these adverse effects would be significant.

And when it comes to beneficial bacteria in the gut, they are highly delicate. Lots of stuff is toxic to them. Meat, for example, is said to be toxic to them. Stress is toxic to them. Etc.


Cinnamon + Truvia makes my oats crazy delicious.