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Info on the new Mag-10!!!

I am fairly new to T-nation, but have been using biotest products for a while with excellent results, mostly Tribex, M, ZMA, and Methoxy 7. I have been working out consistently for about 2 years, with good results.

I am large frame male 5’ 9" 30 years old, workout consistently 3-4 times per week.
(Moved appliances for 5 Years straight)

Aug 12, 2000

Weight: 283 LBs
Body Fat%: 43%
Squat: 90 LBs
Dead Lift: 120 LBs
Bench: 90 LBs

Sept 10, 2003

Weight: 206 LBs
Body Fat%: 27%
Squat: 165 LBs
Dead Lift: 250 LBs
Bench: 195 LBs about Max

I would really like to lose about another 35-40 LBs and get my body fat% to around 13-15%. Also my bench has been stuck at about 160-170 for reps for a while now, would like to get it up to about 225 LBs or so.

I just purchased online 2 bottles of the new Mag-10 84 Caps from Netrition. I live in Toronto, Canada, but had them ship to family in Niagara Falls, will be picking them up soon.

I made the purchase now in hopes to use the stuff latter once my training has come up a few notches.

I have read quite a bit on T-nation and the forms about Mag-10 and know how to use it and the other supplements to get good results.

My real question here is if I follow through with the Mag-10, kick up my training a bit (Volume and Intensitly). How much body fat should I expect to lose? How much strenght should I gain. I know all these question are very relative to the individual using them, just thought I would ask though.

Thanks in advance, any further info will be provided.


As you might or might not know, Mag-10 is primarily used for weight gain, not fat loss - though it has been prescribed as a sort of “muscle saver” in more severe diets like “steroid dieting” or “fat fast”

From your stats, I would suggest you take a harder look at your diet and post it here. You have too high a body fat to be worrying about Mag-10.

Get help on the diet and fat loss, stow away the mag-10 for a year, and hit it when you have lost some weight .

Looking forward to seeing your diet…

Oops, was looking at your before bf% instead of after.

Still, I would reccomend the above steps before going on a pro-hormone.

Sorry for the mistake


Might I reccomend 5x5? You need to build strength in the basic lifts. You also need to shed some fat. 5x5 plus a good solid diet will help both of those goals. (Joel Marion’s article Ripped, Rugged and Dense will get you started, though he has changed a few things.)

Congrats on your progress so far.


Tergon Diet:

Bowel Oatmeal, 6 egg white omelette one yolk, glass of fresh orange juice. This consumed within the first hour of waking.

Prolab protein shake two scoops with fat free milk about 50-60 grams protein, and about 10 carbs. This is had about one and a half hours pre workout.

Bowel Oatmeal, 6 egg white omelette one yolk, another protein shake. This is post workout meal.

1 large chicken breast with brown rice. Some days a salad for greens. This about 2-3 hours post workout. Diner basically.

Another protein shake before bed 1 scoop with milk.

I try to limit carbs and fat and really push the protein.

I have a fairly active job as a caretaker. I really don’t like cardio because I walk to much at work as it is.

Bowel oatmeal? Does that have, like, extra fiber?

No sorry just a spelling error that I didn’t catch “bowl”


You need to buy some HotRoxx, then stack it with the Mag10. HotRoxx will help you lose the weight, assuming diet and training are on.

Congrats on the weight loss!! Although you did lose a lot of weight, I would’ve expected your lifts to go up a lot more than they did. I agree with whoever said 5x5 program. That and do some HIIT a few times during the week.

Do not use mag-10 right now for weight loss. Instead, opt for a couple months of hot-rox coupled with extra caffeine. You may also do this with methoxy so you can save/harden your muscle.

Thanks for the info guys. I was not really planing on using the Mag-10 right away, not until my streght is way up. I also want to lose about 20 LBs before using the Mag.

Anybody know which form they are talking about the new Mag-10, anybody tried a cycle of it yet? Yes or no.


I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, as it’s not meant to be a flame. But your first, absolute number one priority, should be to get your strength levels up.

With your body stats you should be lifting a lot more weight - on each and every exercise - than you are now. 5x5 might not be a bad idea, but I’d prefer to see a Westside-type powerlifting program for at least a year or so. Also, you’re not going to simulaneously drop 30-40 pounds and increase your bench by the same amount. You’re past your newbie gains and have an active job to boot; it’s not going to happen.

Not having seen you work out, I can’t say where your problem lies. But if you know of a qualified personal trainer or strength coach (much better) in your area, my recommendation would be to go and talk to him or her, have them evaluate your program/workout form/etc. and see where the problem is. Because there is a problem. After three years of solid lifting and at your height and weight, you should be much, much stronger than you are now.

So stop thinking about “losing weight”. If you develop some decent strength, your LBM ratio will increase, and that will automatically provide you with a better BF%.

Again, this isn’t a flame. Hope this helps you get your exercise priorities right for the next macrocycle or so.

Your goals are to gain strength and lose weight?

Mag-10, HotRoxx, 8 weeks OVT…