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Info on Starting to Bodybuild?


i have been working out for 2 years now and i want to bring it to the next level. i want to start body building not just working out. im 24 years old 5'6 and 200lbs. i do have a little bit of fat i still got to burn off but not to bad. i work out monday threw friday for about 1 to 2 hrs with 45 mins of that being cardeo.

what im looking for is a good meal plan to bulk up a little bit to get me started then to cut out. i have seen a hundred meal plans, but was hopeing i could get one that better fits what im trying to do.. please no flameing and yes i know i can spell but im not trying to be in a spelling B im trying to become a body builder thanks for your time and help



Search function. Use it. Use it well. Or do you want people to just come spell it out for you? Sounds like you're seriously dedicated.

You're welcome.


stop doing cardio 45mins a day, you gotta bulk


You suck at spelling


oooooooo do i sucki at spelling i didnt know that.... well u must suck at reading ya dumb ass cuz i allready said that


and i might be wrong but i would say asking other body builders about body building would be called research but this site isent for that is see. cuz any thred ive seen when ever some one ask for help all it is is a bunch of roid heads trying to be E thugs. talk about being lazy taking gear is being lazy.




quoting for the lolz. Assuming this to be a troll, that was a good post.