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Hi, I’ve join this forum specifically to ask about this topic: Oral Tren. Also, it’s thanksgiving and I want to kill time while I watch the turkey in the oven.

Some background. I’ve started trt at the age of 29. First cycle at 31. Avg 2 cycles (lasting 12 wks) per year. Mainly dian (oral)/test c and 2 winny (oral)/test c. I will be 36 in 2 months. As of this post I’m on my 10th cycle of 60 mg Dian daily (5 weeks~) and 900 mg test weekly (2 inject /wk). Off cycle, I’ll be on 350-400 mg test.
I don’t max out on bench, squat, and dead lift but I see many posts adding their number so here:
Bench: 315 3 sets of 10
Squat: 405 2 sets of 10
Deadlift: 495 2 sets of 10
I work on other exercises for my legs and back.
Height: 5’ 10"
Bodyweight: 260
Fat: 12 % I’m bulking so I’m fluffy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Apologized, I have daughters.

I have never tried tren because I’m happy with what I’m currently at. I’m already the biggest guy at the gym. I also liked the balance of injection and oral. I’ve only became interested because my source gave me a pack of oral tren (Methyltrienolone 100 pills X 250 mcg).
I don’t do more than 2 PED (one inject and at a time. So if I do go into this, it will only be test and oral tren. From my research so far, oral tren can only go max 4 weeks with a max of 750 mcg (oral) daily. Oral is higher dose than inject. Crazy, I know.
I do take AI when on cycle with dian but only when needed. I used to take .5 every EOD but it was overkill. Now I take it when I cry over some sad videos.
I have no knowledge about PI. I have a box of Cabaser. Am I supposed to take .25 twice weekly when on tren?

This is just a guesstimate based on all my research. Everything is adjustable.
12 week cycle of oral tren/test c
Week 1-4 of oral tren, 250 mcg gradually increased to 750 mcg daily
Week 1-4 of PI, .25 mg twice weekly
Week 1-12 of test, 2 injections of 400-450mg weekly

I’m not sure if I want to use oral tren as a bulking or cutting yet.

Tren is notoriously hard to bulk on. Or so people say. But if you’re 260 at 12% then I’d say it’s not out of bounds for tren to be the next thing for you to use. Not a lot of guys use oral tren because it really is about the harshest thing out there. I’d say hit Reddit and see what the Compound Experience Thread says about methy tren. That’s going to be your best resource for something that’s a little obscure and uncommon.

Let’s see a pic. I’m your height, 220 and can get close to your lifts (for sure sets of 5 at your weights) but I’m about 20 percent body fat. I train for strength, so that helps, but if you are even close on your bf percent you must be a monster.


I wanna see pics too. 260 at 12% sounds awful sexy

Perhaps op is a competitive bodybuilder

If he’s at the stage/level of using oral Tren such high amounts of strength/muscle mass aren’t unfeasible… hell look at his cycle (900mg test 60mg dbol), cruises on 400’mg

Whilst this is profoundly unhealthy, you’ve got to admit such a regiment combined with optimised new diet/training will lead to some fucking insane gains!

Im not here to judge life choices though, if it makes you happy… you know the risks and it doesn’t harm others around you then whatever (this is pivotal, if you’re one of those that transform into a fat cunt on tren… whether you’re aware of it or not… seriously listen to others at this stage, don’t get so clouded by jaded visions and ego) then the use is not justified as you have the potential to harm others.

Some may argue the concept of a massively premature death is selfish/unacceptable due to consequence brought on for family, friends and the like. And yes, the consequence of a death in the family, specifically for a daughter/son can be profound, but one also has to weigh in individualistic happiness, and for some something like gear is the object that fills the void/otherwise emptiness within their lives. At the point wherein it doesn’t harm others directly, the decision made is a personal one that quite frankly… in theory others have no business interfering with (fuck you federal government)

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Would be awesome to see a Pic. I’m 6 foot currently 230 at 14% and I’m a fairly large guy you must be huge with those stats

DYEL!!! Jk those are some awesome stats, about as big or slightly bigger in terms of FFMI than Arnold was for reference

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Arnold’s arms were 22 I believe, mine are only 19-19.5 depending on what day it is at the gym lol. I also have a thick chest and very wide spread so I feel like it makes my arms look even smaller. My arms rest on my lats it just takes away from them I think.

I love those old school bulky looks. Where the muscles just look like an action figure rather then the shredded look. Altho I have much respect for both.

My 13 yr old is taller than you but you still are an inch taller than my 10 yr old.

Thanks??? @newbvet

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I also have a very thick chest, lats (my most overdeveloped body part, somewhat genetic… 1st cousin was in commonwealth games for swimming, take a look at HIS back/shoulders… and large shoulders/neck but very small arms

I don’t mind, the large shoulders make up for my arms looking puny

As I’ve said I posted two pics recently I’ll tag you in. I’m not big, the arms esp take away from the overall physique, but it is what it is and I’m happy with how I look (to see second pic you’ve gotta click on it)

Also individualistic proportions differ, some are more torso dominant, some are more limb dominant. Being more limb dominant is great for having huge arms… but being torso dominant like me DOES make it easier to look like a unit in long sleeved clothes/winter attire due to overall thickness/broadness despite having small arms

Can’t believe you’re complaining about 19.5 inch arms when I’ve got 15 inch biceps and I’m totally happy with them lol

My arms rest on my lats… it pushes my triceps out, I think that’s a win rather than a loss

See what you perceive as DYEL (my physique) I’m totally happy with, we all have different standards. It can be hard not to let body dysmorphia take over though, be careful with that as it can easily lead to long term detriment/feelings of inadequacy

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Different compounds utilised, people didn’t need to get down to like 3% bf dehydrated etc. competing whilst on dbol wasn’t entirely unheard of

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I tried to creep and find those pics. Care to tag me? For some reason I still remember the last pic I saw of you and I’d be interested in seeing your progress.

Yea, I’m really not big though, but I don’t care… I’m confident with regard to how I look and am relatively happy. Sure, could always be bigger but I look better than just about everyone in my cohort (teens are exercising less and less these days). I know one kid who uses high dose AAS+GH year round, he is a bit larger than I (6’2 225) compared to me (very small bone structure… but broad, 5’5 163.8)

Gotta click on second pic to see it

Lighting sucks, unflexed, no pump, hadn’t eaten properly for a while but was on dbol at the time (I believe 10mg in that particular day) so perhaps that makes up for part of the terrible pics

The right side of the second pic is cropped out as I was next to someone I knew and thought it wasn’t acceptable for me to include them in a photo on a public forum

These were taken like 2 days before I broke my phone camera and partially cracked the screen

Photos suck because they weren’t intended as progres pics, they were simple before gym douchebag selfies that I found and thought were adequate for gauging the pigmentation of my skin in relation to the topic that was at hand

I never think of myself as big. I have noticed over the years how small other people are starting to get. That is how I notice being big (other people appearing small).


Same and then all of a sudden some guy who has the OPs stats comes and starts working out next to me and I feel small again.


I notice the shape of my body looks different, certain parts appear more defined or attenuated. I appear wider than the majority of adult men, my neck always appears thicker

My arms are a weak point but my chest, shoulders and back make up for it… if my arms were proportional though it’d be way more aesthetic… but it is what it is and I’m happy with what I have :slight_smile:

My arms are also a weak point. More torso dominate with wide shoulders. I can build arms, and mine are currently 16.75" (at 215-220 they look small lol). If I were to cut they would look much better.

Calves are even worse. Mine are not bad, but if you have genetic small calves, I think oil or implant is your only option if you want them to grow.

Exactly, mine are 15 at 5’5, 164… many with my stats have 16 in+ arms

But my neck is 18.5 relaxed, chest is 44 relaxed (recent measurements) etc

Not sure how one goes about flexing the neck? I can tense it up to show veins, but I don’t think it makes it much bigger. I can move my head back, and that thickens the neck up. Is that what you mean?

15" at 5’5 is actually pretty big, IMO. When my arms were that size, but I weighed 170, people commented that they were big (not big in a BBer way, just big for an athletic guy).

The shape has a lot to do with it. If you have poor insertions it is going to be hard to have large looking arms even if they have a large measurement.