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Info on Medicinal Cannabis


She’s always the weird look I get when listing out my free 5 celebs. Petite attractive funny women are a slam dunk.

I mean she’s no Isla Fisher, but still.



It would be cool to start a new thread talking about real estate investing. Any thoughts on out of state investing? As @pfury mentioned places like California make it real hard to find good oppotunities.


You lay off Anna or I’ll send some REAL commies to pay you a visit. I sat through THREE God-awful Pitch Perfect movies for her. (The 3rd one had some nice song arrangements but still…)

I’ve been hearing some good things about Da Nang (Vietnam) lately. I’m seriously going to check it out.


that’s the thing … In some things, I think she’s wicked hot - other things, terrible and I wonder wtf I was smoking. Polarizing is exactly right.

IRL, I’m sure she’s perfectly cute

I find those movies to be entertaining - I’ve seen them all mostly b/c the wife loves them and I don’t mind them…


I don’t necessarily know a ton about the investing side. I’m just a data junkie from the mortgage sector. Even after I left I knew where to go to pull mortgage movement tables that track to the county

I’d be down though. Investment properties are my eventual long term 401k+ goal.


I 've noticed that from scene to scene. Its like one moment she’s a rat faced weirdo and a couple scenes later she’s gorgeous. Charlize Theron does that shit from movie to movie too.

I don’t like that. I like consistency. Amazing or ugly are just fine with me as long as its consistent. None of that “Devils Advocate”->“Monster” switcheroo.


It absolutely would. I’m not sure I could add that much real world experience. I’m a wannabe at this point. I have a SFH I live in with gas and mineral rights on the land and 12 storage units that are okay, but they need a new roof this year. I’ve put several offers in on multi family and mobile home parks, none of which have been successful.

That’s the extent of my real world experience. I recommend biggerpockets.com where you can learn from real world investors without the gurus selling $997 mastermind classes or $5k “bootcamps”.

The interview podcasts they do with real investors are straight gold. They interview everyone from ankle biters who just did their first deal to guys closing $50M apartment buildings.


Keep it up, bitches


Perfect example. I can totally see her hitting the meth pipe immediately prior to this picture being taken … total meth head look


Anybody see this? I’m guessing it’s federally legal within 2 yrs. I picture the neurotic leprechaun that is jeff sessions standing on a train track with his hand out as the train comes barreling towards him, outta the way ya fuck!



Why is the link to the article posting as text and not the cool thumbnail thing??


It’s called the “Two Face Syndrome” I have scientific evidence to prove it:


Seinfeld - a modern Issac Newton


Wow, so funny.

I guess since I don’t follow the ideology you do I must be a communist.


Yes, I blame this on mainstream propaganda. Those who have a vested interest in confusion.


No, it’s because of the terrible ideas you espouse here.


You wouldn’t if you weren’t an outsider with zero exposure to America.

The average American is just as dumb as a bag of rocks on every topic that they aren’t directly involved in on a daily basis. It’s not rocket science


I can only hope this comes sooner as the mainstream propaganda is waning in it’s effectiveness on this and other issues.


The most important thing is that you can email those in charge about your grievances of such a garbage law.