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Info on MAG-10


I'm new to the site and I have been getting a lot of great info and advice from the other members.

I see in a lot of posts in the supplement section that mention people using the supplement MAG-10. What is it? What does it do for you? And where can you get it? I don't see it listed in the products section.

Any info is much appreciated.



MAG-10 was recently made illegal, so it's not produced anymore.


Just curious.. why was it made illegal? Was it dangerous?


Newbies, you can still read the article Tim wrote under special reports. Should still be there. And no you can't get it anymore. There are a few people with a stockpile of it. Maybe they're willing to sell some. I sold couple myself to a lucky person.


Very simply, it's a pro-hormone substance, that along with all other pro-hormones were made illegal to sell by our elected representatives of the people. It, like everything else is only dangerous if you use it in ways it's not intended to be used.


How do I go about ----ing some? Just put it out there?


I googled and found several sites that still carry it. It may be illegal, but it's still being sold.


I am one of those people. hint hint


ya i "stumbled" onto some at a "health food store".

I didnt buy any.







Be carefull it's not "Avenger" formula. Avenger is just trib and some other herbs, not the MAG-10 goodness we know and love.