Info on How to Run a Successful, Safe EPO Cycle?

You can throw a rock and hit an article on how to run a successful test cycle, but I can’t find a single thing on how to successfully administer an EPO (erythropoietin) cycle. Anything at this point is a massive help

For good reason.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this drug?

I don’t think there such a cycle. erythropoietin is an enzyme the liver puts out to make red blood cells.

I’m guessing he is referring to its controversial use in cycling. I believe it has to do with raising blood oxygen.

If that’s what this is about I suggest you not do that. The reason you can’t fins info is because there isn’t really any proven data showing it works. I actually think there is a study showing it doesn’t make a difference. And your risking a lot.

If you need it for its intended purpose then see a doctor.