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Info on Doing Horizontal Decompression Moves Unilaterally?

I was wondering if anyone is aware of scientific literature/medical professionals/physical therapists/rehab professionals/academics/strength coaches supporting or showing benefits of doing the lying/horizontal decompression unilaterally:

I’m not sure if I dreamt it, or the divine spirit impressed it upon my mind, or I saw a clickbait advertisement browsing the web late at night while highly self-medicated/buzzed up, or if it was just a Manchurian Candidate/Inception type implanted idea/memory suggesting to do a unilateral version of the horizontal decompression demonstrated in the aforementioned tnation article I linked. I’ve been doing the unilateral version before bed 2-3 hours after my workout on lower body days or if my low back is feeling a bit spicy and liking the results.

I know MWOD/TRS suggests similar modalities to what the tnation article I linked is demonstrating, the difference is one is laying on the floor with with butt close to wall legs stretched out vertically or another variation is a similar setup with the back on the floor then your feet are on the wall and legs in as deep of a squat position as you can get into.

Just wondering if there is any reliable/credible information on unilateral variations of these lying horizontal spinal decompressions.

You may find something like this in the book “Pain Free” by Peter Egoscue. One leg bent at 90 degrees on block, and the other is straight, on the floor. This relaxes the tight adductor muscles.

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