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Info on Creams/Gels?

I am probably going to be going onto some form of T replacement soonish. I am speaking to 2 uk doctors about the issue at the moment and then i will be having my first consult. I have been told i should qualify for T replacement.

Can i get some info about the amounts that a person will use. I think we typically make 6-10mg of testosterone per day and so i would be looking at using the lowest possible dose to help top up my own production.

All i have read is that you cannot use testosterone to top up your own production, it has to be all or nothing. Why is this the case and has anyone tried enhancing their own production with bloods to show it can actually be done ?

I ask this because i am a thyroid patient and i take T4. Now if you take a big dose you will suppress your own production and TSH will be 0.003 (nothing basically). However this is not the usual case and most patients keep the TSH around 0.5-1.5. This means you are still making some of your own T4.

Now can the same happen with testosterone ? Can you keep the LH and FSH signals working ? Has anyone done this ?

Writing this i am thinking about Alberto Salazar (i think thats his name) and he is a USA track coach and it is rumoured he using testosterone and T3 in micro doses to help tune up his athletes. I am assuming these doses compliment rather than replace natural production.

So i have been told the creams contain 100-200mg of testosterone and absorption is about 10%. so you would be getting about 10-20mg of T on these amounts.

Ideally i would prefer to go in on a dose of 50mg and see how i got on. Has anyone got any info on using these creams. Are there any uk users who use a cream and if so how much do you pay for a monthly supply ?

Thanks for any help.

You own natural system will shut down when exogenous testosterone is introduced.

You need to evaluate free T3 levels. T3 is the thyroid hormone that actually does the thyroid work in the body.

I do not believe so.

Not exactly, he is trying to stay under the radar for USADA drug testing.

Gels absorb poorly. Scrotal creams are better, about 70-80%, injections 100%.

I agree with high pull fully. He’s been here much longer than me.

Just taking T4 tells me you need more education in the topic. Or a different source. Check out dr. Rouzier.

The t4 converts to t3. If your body does not convert t4 then that is a waste of time. The best way to do this is to give t4 and t3 in one pill. Still convert but you give the t3 the body needs. Forget about tsh. Read free t3 levels. Beyond that let professionals decipher the index and other levels if you have other immune or thyroid disorders. For thyroid optimization take both.

Trt and thyroid optimization same problem. Yes it bothers the hell out of me because “what if I can’t get my meds I’m screwed.

I changed my tone now that I am not a negative fool with low t and thyroid issues. Now I think positive and realize i need to care for myself and that means staying on top of the education and choosing the right docs.

If your really having low t and low thyroid - your systems already broke. It’s a lost cause. Even if you stop after using HCG and t, your system will resort to where it left off and probably worse off.

There is plenty of proof that guys take trt for ten years and restart their system with HCG and get their ladies pregnant.

Make the decision and do it right. You won’t be so worried about all this. Life is to short to sit around worrying about things out of our control. We’ve already been dealt a bad hand. Fuck it bluff.

Thanks for the replies.

I understand you think testosterone shuts down your system completely but no one seems to have any actual blood data to support this. Why would a small amount of testosterone shut down total production ? It doesn’t make sense and so it will be something i am going to explore. If i do get some data i will post it up.

I am pretty experienced with thyroid and for me T4 is the winner. I have done every thyroid protocol going including high dose T3 only usage, but i have finally found what works best. My Ft3 numbers are always higher in range so conversion is not an issue. However, on my last labs in Feb it does show i have dropped down the Ft3 range a bit and this could possibly be a reason for my aches, but i will need some more bloods to back this up.

I do know what low thyroid feels like and what i am experiencing at the moment is not similar to low thyroid. This is a new feeling. Aches in the joints and muscles. Weaker muscles. weakness in the arms. I am in construction and i have never been in this state before, even with thyroid.

At 47 i am not getting younger.

Misread your question. If you are going to do trt yes it will shut down the system. I don’t know what you mean by a little.

Not sure about the weakness. You better go to the doc and get that bone scan done.

The idea of micro dosing test as a supplement to natural production is optimistic. It depends on the individual circumstance. If you’re cranking out LH and just not getting production from the testes, maybe it would help a little. The problem is that when your body detects the raised test level it will most likely respond by cutting LH output. Clomid works by tricking your body into believing a false deficiency by binding receptors. Adding test creates a real and unmasked quantity increase that your body will likely move to counteract. I do not believe anyone’s production stops entirely due to TRT (or higher levels either), it would function as birth control if that happened and it does not.