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Info on Boston Area

Are there any T-People in the Boston area who could give me some info on good gyms? I am moving up there in May, and proximity to a good gym would even affect my decision as to where to live. I’ll be working in the Financial District, between the South Station and Downtown Crossing T-stops, and given my likely hours a gym close to work would be a good thing too. Finally, can anyone recommend a good martial arts instructor in the area? I’ve done Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Universal Fighting before, briefly, and I’d like to start up again once I’m there. Thanks in advance.

i live outside boston, but I know a little. The best gym around is worlds somerville- which is just outside boston, 5 minutes. the best brazilian ju jitzu place around is in watertown, which is like 20 minutes from boston.

I used to go to school down there, and I know the gym market is completely saturated around Natick, Framingham, and Wellesley (mostly large commercial chains). My brother lives in Watertown, and his gym is a palace.

I m in the area there are a ton of gyms. Boston Brazilian Ju Jitsu in Watertown is supposed to be very good. I heard that golds near fenway has a reverse hyper(not to many in the area) and if you are looking for any strongman training try Art McDerrmont over at the diesel power forum, he has a strongman club that meets on sat, great for conditioning. If you are low on funds swing by any of the college gyms, rarely do they seriously card people.