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Info on Biosignature Modulation?

Hey guys, does anyone know of any site/book/anything that states specifically what the extra fat(skin fold thickness) on certain places on your body means hormonally, and also what to do for those specific problems. I’ve found many vague articles.

For me, I have a lean upper body, but my legs, and specifically my thighs and ass are fat, like bordering on cellulite fat. When I grab for skin I can’t its cellulite, about 3cm thick. And I’m a 20yo. guy so this seems kind of messed up.

I read that in this location it means there’s excess estrogen circulating. And from what I’ve read the orders for this are Yohimbine cream(buy my product?). Just off the top of my head I thought maybe getting to the root of the problem and flushing that estrogen away with something like D-Glucarate would be more sensible.

I don’t know. Damn I wish I had the cash to knock on Charles’ door. Not to mention most all the other writers here, anyone have knowledge to expend?

I HAVEN’T TAKEN THE SEMINAR, but from various articles, CP says high skinfold measurements on the hamstrings, glutes or quads (relative to the triceps) are an indication of high estrogen levels. He recommends supplementing with indole-3-carbinol (found in cruciferous vegetables, particularly brocolli), and using a yohimbine skin cream (applied to the problem areas). The info I’ve gathered doesn’t go into much further detail- hope this is helpful.

Do you know where Poliquin’s article about this is posted? I’ve been looking for it and can’t find it.