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Info on Accutane


Does anybody know about Accutane from personal experience? I've been off cycle for 6 weeks and, as of recently, done with PCT for 2 weeks and I still have a pretty nasty case of acne (I only had minimal acne as a teenager). The increase in size hasn't raised any red flags in my chain of command throughout the last year, it's been my sudden break-outs that have raised suspicion.

Needless to say, I'm in need of a legit treatment of Isotretinoin. My conflict is in that I can either pay for 30ml at 20mg/ml from a reliable/legit source, or 30ml at 50mg/ml from AG-Guys (who I keep hearing mixed reviews from). Any suggestions?


it works. I was a pizza face as a teen.


here are a couple threads with some good info



Here is a clip from one of Cy's articles

Zit Zapping Drugs

Q: What's the latest in acne treatments? I tried Accutane years ago but the side effects were too much for me.

A: A current theory for acne pathogenesis involves four main factors: an abnormal increase in sebum production; follicular keratinization (followed by microcomedone formation); proliferation of bacteria; and inflammation/delayed-type immune response.

With that in mind, the only two treatment options that hit all four causes are isotretinoin (Accutane) taken orally and hormonal therapy/oral contraceptives. If you're male, "the pill" is out of the question.

In any event, Accutane is really a bit much unless you have severe acne. For most guys, topical antibacterial treatments like azelaic acid and benzoyl peroxide are sufficient. Both seem to address two or three of the proposed causes of acne.

Other than that, a rather new topical drug, adapalene (Differin), addresses three out of four of those causes. Tazarotene (Tazorac) is worth giving a try as well.

My main point is that most guys will do just fine with benzoyl peroxide, so be sure to start with the least effective compounds, so to speak, before deciding to give more effective and perhaps toxic compounds a try. (14)


I swear by Accutane. I will always be a huge fan of the product. I had terrible acne when I was a teenager. I couldn't even get a homecoming date.

The sides were absolute hell. But to this day, even using gear, I do NOT get any pimples. I have pictures of me at 15 and trust me, its bad.

Accutane works, it worked for me, and its gonna sound corny, but it got me laid.




It works.

I never experienced any of the sides that make people demonize Accutane.

I did get dry skin and predisposition to nose bleeds because of the dryness but other than that I was sailing in the clear.

Good luck with it.


Thanks for the links, firestanggt.


I would highly recommend it as well. It was the only thing that worked for me in high school, and I had it bad. I tried everything else, all the face creams and pills you could imagine, but they didn't even phase what I had going on. Accutane gave me perfectly clear skin like nothing else could. Now that I am off of it I still continued to get acne, but it wasn't as bad as it was. Now I am 20 and can get by pretty well with the regimen from acne.org. Thats the next best thing to accutane in my mind.

As far as the accutane side effects, all I really noticed was really really dry skin, but just slap on the moisturizer and you will be fine.


I used low dose accutane after reading that some recent studies found it almost as effective at half dose as normal and it worked like magic for me with no sides beyond dry skin.


I second this. I had acne since I was 16 till late last year (22).

I got some accutane from chemone (better value for money than ag-guys), and took low dose (10mg-20mg) for 4 months. Haven't had any since then and whenever a threat of a spot comes up, it's just a bump and disappears in a day or 2 - no redness.

With low dose the side effects are minimal, and at 10mg/day, a bottle from chemone will last you 8 months.


This will work for mild to moderate acne. But it won't work for severe acne. I was taking a dosage so high I had to get my blood tested every two weeks to ensure no issues. I got nose bleeds, dry skin, chapped lips that would bleed.

I had to take time off martial arts because I was in no shape to fight. If I remember right my dosage given by my doctor was 80mg/day. I was that bad, my acne was terrible.

That all being said I still reccomend the stuff.