Info Needed on Winny

A buddy of mine recently bought some gear from a internt source. he was told that he could come here and check outh is back ground on this sight is sight is s----bogy i dont feel i should come right out and say the sight but if he has been around as long as he says then you know of him. if so can you give me some feed back about him.

Also i am looking for information about ancpharm by designer pharmaceuticals/ i was given osm winny and am unsure of it. i cant seem to fined any information about them. also if any one has any info on a compnay call berlin-chemie i have a bottle of T3 or so i think it is all in german acn i cant make it out. thank for any and all help.

if you keep it unmoved for an hour the white stuff should seperate from rest of the fluid.

for winny