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Info about north Georgia

I am contemplating a move to the north Georgia area.Around Young Harris or Blairsville. If there is anyone that could give any information as far as what it is like or what it has to offer, such as gyms, golf courses and the like,it would be greatly appreciated.

Dont do it. haha. My grandparents live in Summersville which is fairly close to young harris. My aunt actually went to college at young harris. Anything north of Atlanta is pretty much just a bunch of small country towns or cities.

Goldberg is correct, although Athens is a fun town and that’s north of ATL. I lived there (Blairsville) for 2-3 months in '98 taking some classes at Young Harris. There was a gym off of Pat Colwell Rd. and a golf course not 5 minutes away from it. I didn’t spend very much time at either and they could have changed a bit since. The gym wasn’t too nice, it could have closed down. There’s nice outdoorsy stuff and lots of rednecks. It’s a dead ass town though and I’d never want to live there again. But maybe you want to live somewhere like that. Maybe try Blue Ridge Mountain Fitness if you move there.
Check here.

My wife’s father lives there and she hasn’t spent much time with him in the last 10 years, so she wants to live near him. Since I have the type of job I can do anywhere I said what the hell I’ll try it for at least a year.Besides, after the year I have had here, a change of scenery might be nice for a little while.

its really not bad if you like small towns. Im sure you can find somewhere decent to lift as long as you dont have special needs (strongman, powerlifting, etc.).