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Info about Human Growth Hormone?

Hi all, lately I been reading about HGH. Can I get a good link on this forum where I can read all about it…? Thank you all…

Not sure, but I think sharing links on here is a no no.

However, there are plenty of sites that notate the benefit and side effects of growth.

There is a fair amount online but alot of it is either research based or someone selling HGH.

I’ve run one short (3 month) cycle of hgh and currently running one now. What’s your question?

Mind me asking what benefits you noticed from your three month cycle? I’d love to try it eventually in hopes of helping some very minor, but still annoying injuries. I hear most people talking 6+ months which just becomes so damn expensive.

Three months, in my experience, is the minimum time to run GH. Now I’ve had 2 different responses to each cycle.

The first time, I ran 5 iu/day taken at night before bed of UGL HGH (probably Chinese generic). I gained a ton of water weight (went from 208 to 222 in about 3 weeks). Feet, ankles and even calves were swollen. As the water came off over the next 4 weeks, the fat loss began even without significant changes to my diet and training and I dropped 18 pounds and lost about 4 inches on my waist. Now bear in mind that I was also running Test and NPP.

This current cycle, I’m running 4/iu/day from the same source but supposedly a little high potency. I did not have the huge water weight gain like before, just a few pounds. It took a full 2 months to begin to see any changes. I’m just now entering my third month and starting to see weight loss almost daily. I plan on running this cycle for 6 months. Cost for me was about $1100.

Right now I’m keeping a weight and monthly photo log that I will post when it done.

Both cycles greatly enhanced my carpal tunnel pain but this last one has been bad enough to affect my sleep. I just recently changed my shot time from nights to mornings to see if there were any changes.

I would suggest you try BPC-157 first for nagging injuries. Its a peptide that helps heal the body. It requires reconstitution and is a daily injection just like HGH but its cheaper and may give you the relief you need. I used it post rotator cuff surgery and I believe it helped me recover faster.

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Ill take a look, thank you. I like the other benefits of HGH as well, but at 32 years old, not sure the cost is worth it. The nagging injury thing would make it worth it, but I’ll look more into what you’ve suggested first. Much appreciated!