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Influx of Newbies


For some reason, in the last couple of weeks, there seems to have been a ton of new guys who just registered, are very skinny, and VERY young.

Please fellas, stop designing your own programs with 8 exercises 10x3, drop all the smith machines and leg extentsions, and just do a simple damn program! Why design your own when they pay these guys (who know a whole lot more than you or I do) to write them for you?

Here's your page to go to, you newbie bastards:


Go lift for ten years, make it to the bigtime, and then come back and lecture us on how much more you know. Until then...you might want to listen.


Don't wory man, it's just part of the learning curve.
Once they've learned the hard way all of the Don't Do Thats will make more sense.


You seem to be arguing against some kind of imaginary opponent? What is wrong with newbies posting up their regimes to be critiqued? It couldn't be any less useful than this shitty attempt at a thread to seek attention and solidfy that you are clearly a veteran of lifting.

In fact, that probably would be the answer to the thread about when you are no longer a beginner.
It's when you start taking the piss out of anyone who hasn't been a member to this site for over a year.
Atleast that's what the fucktarded 'veterans' do.

Stop getting all pissed off about newbs just to convince yourself your one of the hardcore lifters.


I agree. If not for them to post and ask for advice why have the "BEGINNERS" forum? If you don't like it..you could,I dunno do something crazy like not read the post.

Ya know,I really love this site and like to read the forums though I don't post much but it seems like everyday the boards turn more and more into a pissing contest...


Funny how this topic pops up every once in a while (in the majority of cases as an animadversion on flaming)...

Anyway, I don't quite buy the story about the innocent newbie victim. A person who takes a minimum of time to find out what this place is all about should be able to word his post in a way that avoids pissing off the majority of regular members or setting him up for mockery and flaming. IMHO, most regulars here are more than eager to help someone who honestly wants to improve.


I think the ultimate newbie recipee would be to do pushups, pull-ups, dips and lunges until they can do 30, 12, 20 and 30 respectively. Eat three solid medium-big meals every day at the exact same time. Then pick enough strength and mass programs from Waterbury and Thibaudeau to last a year, print them out and perform them to the letter writing down the weight, sets and reps and trying to improve within each program performed. After 4 months add a protein shake at the end of the day with 30-40 grams of protein. By the time the year is done, the person would aquire some good knowledge, discipline and enough before/after pics to be proud.


not really in context but i think this paragraph is really good simple advice for anyone new to weightlifting.
It is brief and simple enough to leave the newbies no excuse to spend ages researching rather than to actually do some lifting.
It's just your specific opinion on the approach but i agree with it.


Fucktarded veterans huh? Its the attitude that I noticed in the last month, such as the Muscleteen phenomena that consistently amazes me. Its not all new guys, of course. Its the guys who come over from other sites and post their pictures, take three pages to list their program, and then bitch back at older fellas who tell them what would be better. Its just irritating.

And if you yourself had read some of my previous posts, you would know that I attention seek in the Politics forum. So go fuck yourself.

But I love seeing guys start lifting, I try to convert as many folks as I can to the iron. But then, maybe you wouldn't know that, because you are busy making personal attacks when you don't know too much about me at all....so, in the end...fuck you.

xoxoxox Irish.


Before I started a program here I was doing antagonist pair workouts every other day with a friend. Personally, now, I think the workouts kidna sucked. Considering how we did them and all.
If it wasnt for me askign about my program and looking around on here It would have taken alot longer to see no results..and to learn that I needed to learn more.

Stop whining and let them learn both ways. Its good for them to design their own and to adopt others. Its how you learn what works best for you and to learn more about the body alone.
Im a newbie myself, yet Ive learned so damn much from designing my own recently and studying up. I learned quite a bit about my own body from Chad Waterbury too.

So yeah, newbie power :smiley:


Just remember at one time everyone on here was a beginer!

Secondly alot of new people to the game are young guys who may not be tactful word smiths but are earnestly looking for help.

Albeit you will inevitably get ego driven idiots who think because they have been training for a week and their teeny bopper girlfriend is telling them they are the second coming of Arnold will post some misguided pics and posts.

But those are not the majority there is a big differance between being naive and ignorant of certain facts than just being outright stupid or arrogant.

The guys who are generaly looking for help don't need to be bashed and to do so only makes the vets fall into the bully category.

Ignorance often set you up to be taken a jab at but a jab isn't always called for some things that are obvious to a knowledgeable person are not always obvious to someone who is not.

If you were working on something and asked you 8 yr old son to hand you a spanner wrench and he handed you a monkey wrench would this necesitate a humiliating round of superiority driven brow beating?

Or if you were watching a baseball game and your wife/girlfriend asked you why some one got sent back to the dug out or something of the like would she deserve to be called a stupid bitch and told to quit bothering you while you lived vicariously through a real athlete?

Or would the majority of real men on hear take the time to explain the various tools to their son or explain the game to their woman. Or better yet answer someone who is interested in working out. After all The majority of time if they are asking you aren't you flattered that they are coming to you for knowledge?

Don't get me wrong if you bring the idiocy here you deserve what ever comes your way but if you are earnest if you quest for knowledge you should not be pummled it proves nothing except the person who does it is the one who doesn't belong here.


I'm 6 foot, 110 pounds. I'm 16. I'm damn strong. I've been training for 3 months. My diet and training are perfect. I want to gain another 10 pounds. Should I take NO2? Which will give me more gains, liquid creatine or effervescent creatine? Say only what I want to hear,
Signed, THEMAN


Hey THEMAN, your the man! u must be ripped bro Im also 16 an damn strong to been training for 4 months an know more than most of u posting here I bench 300 curl 135 leg press 1200 for reps Im 6 foot 140 cutting to 120 to be like Bruce Lee NO2 rox I get freakin awesome pumps in my bicepts an tricepts not sure bout cretine it rox but be careful bro I dont think u should do roids for at least 6 months live forever dude, signed XBigmusclepowerteenconanX


Preach it, Deano.

Maybe I'm a fucktad vet. I dunno. But when I was new - I remember vividly shutting the fuck up and reading.

FYI to you newbies - especially the, "I want to post ad nauseum because I like to see my name on the computer screen" group: Nobody gives a shit about how strong you are, except you.

Post with respect. Listen to the vets. Read the articles that are here - some of the best training info on the internet. Don't act like you know shit - you don't, and every post you make proves it.

These are simple suggestions that, if followed, would insure that you are treated with a little respect. Doing it your way only invites flames and ProfX.


I looked around here for a while before I registered, just in awe of the articles and all that. And I simply changed my program to one of those that I found here because my current one wasn't doing shit. There's a difference between a new guy and MUSCLETEEN. Kim song, maybe if you were around here a bit longer...you would know that.

Newbies flaming me....is this how the British felt when they lost the Revolution?


I think it's more along the lines of "we're newbies and we want our voices heard too!!" The funny thing, when I was a newbie, I asked more questions and actually listened more than it seems many do at all now. The 125lbs guy who is convinced that his years of reading (not training) means it's time for creatine jumps to mind. Most of these guys ask questions and either get pissed when they don't hear what they expected to hear, or don't even treat any info they do get as if it worth anything.

Gawd, I started weighing 150lbs and I thought I was skinny as hell compared to some of the other guys in my school. Hell, one of them competed in bodybuilding contests, not to mention those who played football. Now, you actually have guys who weigh under 130lbs acting like they know something. I'm sorry, but that is completely laughable. I don't think I even pretended as if I knew anything until I was about 200lbs.

I swear it is like anorexia and stupidity go hand in hand. Maybe that's just the guys.


I read everything on this and other sites for about 18 months before I opened my mouth on the forums. If I asked a question, it was because I actually wanted to learn something, not because I wanted someone to tell me how good I am.

I think many newbs want justification of what they have been doing, not necessarily an honest critique. They have had their 130lbs friends tell them that they are huge at 160lbs and they start to believe it. Then they arrive here, still thinking that a 300lbs bench is a lifetime achievement and that the leg extension is THE mass builder for legs.

Some people don't react well when they think they are the shit, and suddenly they find out that they aren't even close. Get over it.

One other point - I want newbies here. I want them to look around, read, try things and ask questions. I want them to learn, and I will help them where I can, but I will not be tossing the salad of some 18 year old who thinks his 15 inch guns are the shit.


Massif is exactly right. I was was reading and absorbing everything posted to this site for months before i joined (desperately book marking everything), let alone posted (and even those were questions). As a relative newb myself, i have seen many other posts look as if the member joined that day/hasn't spent a single second looking around to absorb anything that this wonderful site has to offer, yet will still post facts/statements rather than gracious commentary/questions.


Ok.... for a kickoff it's actually Kim JONG not song you pleb.
Secondly: by 'fucktarded veterans' I mean the self proclaimed veterans who ARE fucktards. Slight difference to 'ALL VETERANS ARE FUCKTARDS'.
And thirdly, just to clear things up:

You are a fucktard.

You started this thread so what did you expect? All of the 'i'll bum you if you bum me in the next thread' crowd to start vigorously anally raping you? Well guess what..... ah fag it, i can see your too busy getting bummed.


Haha. You're really going to make a ton of friends here...let me tell you.


I am blessed to have discovered T-Nation before I started weight training.

Newbies who come here are brainwashed by muscle-mag propaganda and unproven facts that circulates among the gym rats.

It is quite sad to see some of the even older vets (Goldberg, TT) comes to mind has stopped posting on these forums.

At least a third of training questions at in the strength sports forum can be solved easily by a search on this website or elitefts.

I propose having a FAQ in the Nutrition and Beginners Forum. Possible topics are: creatine, No2, calories intake, diet guide, basic "T-Nation Training Principles".

This would prevent the same bloody question being posted every week(for example "whats the best program for mass", and "should I use No2".

My 0.02,