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Influx in TRT Among Younger Population


Is it just me or has any one noticed that there seem to be an increasing number of younger trt patients?


Exactly my thoughts as well. I am 25, diagnosed with hypogonadism at 24 but probably developed it around 22. I began researching hypogonadism and was getting more information on older men. I understand there is an unrecognized term called "andropause" but I thought I would receive more hits. I thought my condition was extremely rare due to my age until I hit up boards like these. I discovered I was not alone and many trt patients happen to be younger peeps in their 20's.


Same Here, dicovered at 22 on full blown trt at 23, I was lucky though regarding doc appts. We discovered it last Nov and I started recieving trt late DEC. Even though the hcg treatment originally planned didnt work at all, (affirming my primary hypogonad). We could not figure out how or when it occured. I played football through school into college so I could have been hit in the balls or something like that and not even realized it.


It jus' seems as if blows to the head does cause a pituitary shift that would lead to hypogonadism, we'd be hearing more cases of this in professional sports. I've heard more about dementia and depression in pro-football players but not too many cases of low testosterone.

You said, "discovered at 22." When do you think you were affected?


I cannot say for sure but there is one factor that stands out. I was really into to football in HS and in to college I began to feel less and less of the drive to play as I once did. I remember feeling this in my Junior Year in HS,I became less aggressive on the field and less combative, I just felt like "Im tired of fighting" it almost felt like sort of a weak feminine feeling.

I did not understand it at the time but now recognizing my primary hypogonad it makes sense that my t began to lower around that time- it is just speculation of course cant be for sure




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My doc thinks that this is what happened to me when I was 22. I was in a helicopter crash (Army) and smacked my noggin (in a helmet) on the transmission at it flew past me and out the front of the Huey. Luckily no one died but we had some serious injuries in that fucker.

I think another part of it may be all the fucking estrogen floating around in everything now a days. Everything is packaged in some sort of plastic (xenoestrogens) and heating food in plastic containers is at an all time high. Plus the hormones in your drinking water (birth control pill, etc.) and whateverthefuck comes in Lean Cuisine type dinners is probably contributing.

I lived with low test for almost 10 years and the depression and anxiety were killers.


I think that the problem is rare, but many of the effected guys are seeking answers and the internet is really enabling this. Then the find this site and find that is the best resource they have found. How many are finding this site? Hard to tell.

However, the are self selecting to be here. While the numbers here appear to be alarming, the facts are different. If you go to a diabetic self help site, you will find that everyone there has diabetes or they are caring for someone who has diabetes.

If one has normal youthful amounts of testosterone, ones E2 production rates from aromatization makes the effects of 'environmental estrogens' trivial in comparison. It is natural to look for an external factor to blame, but that may be misguided.

I think that some drugs, Rx and OTC are way more of a risk than the 'environmental estrogen' risks. All pales in face of diet and lifestyle problems.

The outcome of foot ball can be the same as taking a lot of healthy young guys and lining them up and clubbing them on the heads until one or two can't walk, then doing the same the next week. The knee and ankle injuries actually take guys out off the field and reduces their chances of brain damage.

As a society we freak out about youth getting exposed to drugs and alcohol and then we take the most athletic and brightest [the ones with high academic grades], then systematically expose them to brain injury and permanent joint damage.

I think that football is a really good way to learn team work and leadership skills, and strategic thinking, but the costs are too high.


I understand what you are trying to say but I'm referring to the hypogonadal population. It seems that there is a larger ratio of younger adults affected with hypogonadism compared with the older crowd.

It strikes me as awkward given aging is a crucial variable in low testosterone scores. Also, it seems that when I am reading stories of older men on TRT, their baseline test scores were on the normal-low side (around 300-400). On the other hand, younger guys like me are way out of range (below 200). This interpretation is purely subjective but anyone else see what I'm seeing?


May have something to do with the fact that more "younger" people are technologically inclined - hence they would have the means/knowledge to search something out. I also think it is a generational thing - I'm in my mid 30s, and was talking to my mom (early 60s) about my issues. She was of the initial impression that it "was just part of getting older". After I explained things, she finally came around and now understands what is going on. I was well below what a "normal" age decline in levels should have been.