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Influenza Alert: A T-Man is Down!


Ugghhh... I've never been this tired or sore since combining GVT and poor dietary habits in my early teen years.

Symptoms started two days ago, feeling like I'd been hit by a truck after my lactic intervals. Yesterday I took the day off work, I'm skipping lectures today, and I want to get back to work for tomorrow.

How's my supplement plan look?


2 tabs COLD-FX
3g salmon oil
1g vitamin C
50mcg selenium
1 tsp glutamine


2 tabs COLD-FX
3g salmon oil
1g vitamin C
50mg zinc
1tsp glutamine

Early evening:

Same as morning.

Before bed:

Same as noon.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, but unfortunately I'm incapacitated. All I have left to eat are skim milk, large bags of frozen peas, corn, broccoli, and green beans, as well as oatmeal, red river, brown rice, and cans of tuna and salmon.

My plan is to just eat various microwaved vegetables and try to sleep as much as possible.

Any pointers?




Garlic can interfere with some aspect of viral reproduction... add a shit load of garlic in there somewhere... enough so that you really smell bad.


Also, green tea has anti-viral effects also. Drink plenty of that... as you are supposed to drink plenty of liquids anyway. I don't like hot drinks, so I usually brew some up and use it as the base for crystal light, kool aid, whatever you like.

Nothing wrong with filling up on things that interfere with the flu while also feeding your immune system with what it needs at the same time.


Awesome. I have a ton of garlic leftover after making Dr. Johns' Chili and I have a big container of Green Tea I haven't touched in a while.

Die, flu, die!!!


You could always try rubbing one out. There is lots of research on this, don't know where it is, but hey, why not?

               take care, 
                         tin can


bird flu


vroom is right on the money garlic, greentea but most importantly red wine...its been shown to stop the virus dead in its tracks (stop it from duplicating itself) because of the the antioxidant reseratrol that red wine contains. I usually grab a blender mix redwine with orange, blue berries. Coupled with green tea and garlic and i'm good to go in 2 days. Green tea I drink 3 - 4 times when i have the flu the red wine mix i describe i drink that before i go to sleep....


oh yeah as far as red wine goes pinot noir is the best source for Resveratrol most red wine will do but pinot noir has the most


He is right about the garlic. But the thing is it has to be raw garlic straight of the clove. It works wonders. The bad thing about it is , if you eat enough, you WILL smell. At one point i was so much garlic that my gym buddy looked over at me during my workout and said " Dude, you fucking stink!" But i would rather smell funny than feel have the flu.


Down here in OZ people often recomend Bundy Rum or Vodka for any sickness.

I've tested the Bundy theory out with the flu before and it's worked wonders.

It could just be the hangover distracting me. But the flu is always gone.


Coldeeze cough drops have zinc gluconate in them. I used them and they alleviated my cold symptoms. Problem is they taste like ass, and I don't know how they'll work on the flu.


I'm just getting over it. I said "fuck this shit" and went to the doctor and got a shot of decadron. I feel fantastic now.


Can't take alcohol. I'll die. Medication interactions. :frowning:

What's decadron???