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So I just got through reading Dan Blewett’s new article on the front page and it’s (somewhat irrelevant, but I digress.) reference to Yoda.

And it got me thinking back to my childhood and Episode V, training Luke on Dagobah to his fullest potential so he can one day rise to the occasion and save the Universe from Vader and The Empire.

Yoda, as a symbol moulded my thoughts and actions through early age to discern my morals, thoughts, ambitions, actions and to set the stage for a lifetime of learning and understanding, so that maybe I could become a wise and humble idol like him one day.

Thinking back to this it has dawned on me how much of an influence he has been on me and how I fought to not become a product of my environment, but to be noble, kind and tenacious in my approach to the things around me, so that I may follow a fulfilled and respectable path.

My question is, who has been the largest influential person/character as it pertains to your life? Whether that be through literature, cinema, plays or real life people. Philosophers, Musicians, Artists, Comedians… any one singular role model that has made the largest and most flourishing impact on who you are and how you live.

“Do or do not, there is no try.” - Yoda

Conan the barbarian.

serious not sure if

Honestly, while not really an idol per say, I discovered T-Nation at a very impressionable age for me of 18. The attitude and intelligence that T-Nation and its members in the forums displayed definitely left a mark on me. It is weird to think that a website can have some type of influence in your life, but it is true in my case, especially if I think back on all the hours I have spent on here (yikes).

I think the idea that TC preached about of always trying to improve yourself resonated with me the most. So, I made it a point when I was younger to always be doing something that would improve myself as a person. It has stuck with me over the years (I’m 25 now) and I think I am a better version of myself because of it.

First and most influential was my dad. Not necessarily the best influence, but a major one none the less. Odd manifestation of that- One of my brothers walked into the kitchen of my house and stood dead still for a moment, then pointed out that my kitchen was set up almost exactly as the one in our house growing up. All the way down to the placement of my calculator, note pad and type of pen.

As an adult- A good friend and mentor who is a little older, a good bit wiser, and understands how I think. He’s been great for guidance through some hard times and there to celebrate some great ones.

From movies- Growing up watching Kung-Fu theater Bruce Lee gets top billing, followed closely by Chuck Norris.

TV- Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jimmy Superfly Snuka.

From TV:
Kwai Chang Caine
Mr Spock

[quote]yolo84 wrote:
serious not sure if[/quote]

100% man, Yoda holds a place in everybody’s hearts. (But yes, this thread is my honest intrigue, maybe I can find a new perspective to view from.)

Macho Man Randy Savage and Animal from the LOD. Lyle Alzado, Emit Smith, Cal Ripken, Nolan Ryan, and Roger Clemens are in there somewhere too.

Umm kinda Demona from Gargoyles. I always thought she was just so darn tough.

And sarah conner from T2 inspired me to want to do chin ups and be a strong woman.

About to move this to PWI.

Jesus Christ, that’s the person, not the curse word. He has been the most influential in my life.



  • Sam Gamgee

  • Logan “Nine-fingers” AKA “The Bloody Nine”

  • Monseigneur Bienvenu (I am not the slightest bit religious but I love this man - even if he is fictional)

Rocky Balboa.

Not Sly because it was the actual character of Rocky that motivated me.

His training style, his utter “fuck you” to the world who thought he had no chance. While it’s a fictional story, I think the moral of it can be real.


<------the Main Man, Lobo

oh and Lemmy from Motorhead

The Dogman



  1. Roy Chapman Andrews ( the real Indiana Jones)

  2. Jim Corbett

  3. Frank Herbert

  4. Joe Louis

  5. Bruce Lee