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Influence of Weather

First off I am a Huge Eagles Fan! We play Tampa Bay at the Vet this Sunday. The final football game held in this concrete monster. I think the Eagles have a better team, better coaching and a very motivated home crowd behind them. However the biggest advantage, real or percieved, is the weather. We expect mid to high 20’s for the 3 pm start. Does anyone think the cold weather offers a real advantage to one team or the other? The athletes don’t all live in Phila? They didn’t grow up in the arctic or anything? Just curious if this is a physical or mental advantage. The stats against Tampa in this category are hard to ignore.

It can go both ways depending on whether you are used to being in the hot or cold. Tampa may have a tough time because they may not be used to playing or training in cold weather. I live in Florida (originally from New England), and I actually prefer training and playing in the cold. I have more energy. But that’s just me. I’m a freak. My gym doesn’t have heat or A/C, so in the winter, I put on all the fans and have it ice cold while I train. I sweat like a mofo and still get hot while other people complain that it’s too cold and turn off the fans.

GO EAGLES GO. I have to admit I don;t geta chance to follow the NFL during the reg season but once playoffs start I make the time and the eagles are my team. I thought Mcnabb looked good after the layoff and that the cold weather will be an advantage to the eagles. Look at miami, they suck in cold wether places. The eagles are more used to it because of the home games they play and as far as I know it doesn;t get very cold in Tampa bay. I think the experience of playing in cold weather will serve the eagles well. PLus the team kicks ass which doesn;t hurt either.
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GO BUCS GO! No not really - Imma dolphin fan, and yes we suck in the cold but you’d better bring your “A” game to pro players or you’ll be imbarassed. Back to the subject. Cold or not, if the bucs run the ball effectivley the eagles lose. Brad Johnson may be the most underated QB in the league and lets not forget the NFL’s best Defense. Even though Mcnabb played good last week he was playing a sissy defense and you can’t overlook the fact that he wasn’t there for 6 weeks and the offense is still adjusting back to his game. I’ve moved to Tampa recently but have allways been a dolfan, sigh. I acctually hate the Bucs and when the playoffs started I said it would be Oakland and Philly with Oakland taking it. I don’t think the Bucs run the ball so Philly wins.

Snowed last night! Mid 20’s for the game on Sunday. Windchill expected to be 15F. Pep rally at noon today at City Hall. Diehards then head to the stadium for tailgating. Yes that right 48 hrs. of tailgating before this game! Players and coaches honk horns and wave to the fans to shout encouragment on thier way to practice. Eagles to the show baby!!

I hope the Eagles kick the Bucs’ ass!!! Sapp and Co. needs a little lesson in learning appropriate sportsmanship and simply shut the fuck up…

Overall, I think playing in a hot climate is worse than a cold one. Try playing in Florida during the middle of the day when it’s 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity. Now that’s a bitch! But, if it’s snowing and the ball is slippery, then it can be a real problem for those not used to it.

The Bucs have been to the Vet the past two years for the playoffs, and have played miserably both games. The cold is probably some of it, but then again Tampa played at Philly earlier this season in October when it was 65 out and still looked terrible in losing. So while the cold may offer a little psychological advantage to the Eagles, I think the real problem is matchups. Tampa, for some reason, just doesn’t match up well with the Eagles.

Last night the Philly fans met the Tampa Bay Bucs at the airport…followed them to the hotel (Loews) and then stood outside as the team bus let them off. They chanted the Eagles cheer and sang the fight song. They stayed there most of the night shouting cheers on the street. Must of been at least 150-200 people. Screw the weather…worry about the fans. Philly the city that loves yah bace!

I am not a fan of either team. But so far through out this playoffs at least the home feild advantage pays off. As far as the cold being a factor, I think it doesn’t matter because Atlanta, being (a warm weather team), did go to Green Bay (a cold weather team) and Fave and company got spanked. It should be a great game to watch. It should be as good as the Titans VS Steelers game. But the team that shows up will win.