Inflammed Lymph Nodes

Here’s hoping you medically savvy can give me some advice. After wresting with a problem in my lower abdomen/groin area since January, it now seems I likely have an infection in my lymph nodes. My regular doctor had not been able to diagnose this, but one I saw today agreed with me that this was likely my problem. I’m having an ultrasound tomorrow (hopefully) to confirm this. Problem is, I’m going to Mexico on Saturday and may or may not have the results in time. It’s just a dull pain and I can live with it, but would prefer to get rid of it before I leave.
Do I:
A, Start taking the Cipro I have on hand (which was to be used if I got sick to my stomach). Cipro is a wide spectrum antibiotic and kills a lot of bacteria.
B, Do nothing and wait for the results which may not come until I get back.
C, Find a pharmacia in Mexico and get another antibiotic like Amoxicilan (sp).
I’ve lost about 10 lbs in weight and want to get healthy as soon as possible so I can eat properly and hit the gym again. I will likely need to take something to clear this up anyway since my body is not getting rid of it on its own.
Thanks T-men!

Go with B. The other options could cause more harm than good.