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Inflammation: Really That Bad?


I’m reading T-Nation since a long time, and some other websites, such as the one from Jonny Bowden.

It is perfectly clear to me, unlike the title might let you suppose, that inflammation is bad and should be fought : my staple supplements are Flameout and Curcumin.

However I’m wondering if I should add REZ-V to my staple supplements (which is anti-inflammatory as well), because of the following (personal and probably erroneous) thinking :

Isn’t inflammation like pain, too much of it is bad, however none at all is not better ?
Indeed, for the pain, if you don’t suffer at all you won’t remove your hand from a hot surface and your hand will burn, for instance. In the case of a tendinitis, or lesser tendon symptom, too much inflammation is bad because on one hand it hurts, and on the other hand it prevents healing to occur (that’s what I have read).

However if by taking too much anti-inflammatory supplements I efficiently suppress inflammations, if (for instance) one tendon is hurt and that I don’t feel it, will it either heal faster, or at the opposite will damage further because I won’t slow down training ?

Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, but I would really appreciate your opinion about this. I’m really wondering to add REZ-V or not to Flameout and Curcumin.