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Inflammation: Good and Bad?

Everywhere I read about getting rid of tendonitis the same treatments come up: get rid of inflammation, swelling, and pain first.

But isn’t it true that the bodies natural trigger for the healing process IS local inflammation? Swelling in the local area of pain increases blood flow(and heat) to the affected area to help promote healing. Why would you want to supress this with Advil, anti-inflammatories, “RICE”, etc.

Wouldn’t that just impede the bodies ability to heal the injury? Also I remember reading the anti-inflammatories hinder muscle building, so one might think that they would also hinder repairing ligaments and tendons too…then again I’m not a dr. so I have no clue.

I know this kinda goes against the traditional ways of getting rid of an injury, but I was curious what everyone else thinks.

PS This isn’t a shot at Flameout! I know there are differences between good inflammation and bad. Of course chronic inflammation should be supressed in the long term.

I know lots of people advocate even more fish oil during an injury. Could this perhaps just slow down the bodies ability to repair itself?

Would the best way to rehab something is to rest the area until swelling subsides, then begin traditional rehab with strengthening exercises?

I believe it’s because usually your body produces more inflammation that is needed, kind of overdoes it. Not sure where I got that from, but it was from somewhere. And, on a side note, I think that muscle hindering thing about NSAIDs might be overblown.

I mean, maybe it hinders you a little bit, but if the pain hinders you from working out at all, or you workout at a much lower intensity, then in the big picture you should take your Advil…

I take about 8-10 g of Fish oil, MSM and Turmeric each day. I also work about supressing the natural anti-inflammatory response.

However, this “cocktail” has done wonders for some of my ache and pains and productivity in the gym. My thought is if this helps you get back to being more productive, then don’t worry about it.


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Methyl sulfonyl methane, google it if you like