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Inflammation and Pain, Back Of Leg

I developed a newish pain, on the opposite side of my knee, seems pretty localized at where my hamstring attaches behind my knee, and the outermost tendon. Its come and gone, so light I initially just thought I was sore, but after leg curls on Tuesday, it flared up pretty bad. Started to subside, and being an idiot, I went ham on deadlifts yesterday. Deadlifts went great, with a significant amount of throbbing pain today. I’ve got full mobility, and I can walk, it’s just a constant throb. I’m assuming a just strained it, and amplified the problem. So I guess leg curls are out of rotation for a while. What are some things I can do to get this thing healing properly? I used some voodoo floss bands just now and it took off the edge, anything else?