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Inflamed Wrist?


For the better part of the year my single largest progression inhibitor has been my right wrist, it has been strained, sprained and possibly broken more times than I'd care to remember. I am going to get proper medical treatment for it hopefully later this month, but in the meantime I am in need of a lifting program that causes minimum stress on that wrist, that means basically no heavy pulling or pushing and certainly no curls (lol).

I am mostly going to focus on my squatting (twice a week) and I have triceps and chest covered, but I need something for shoulders, biceps and upperback.. perhaps cable movements since they seem to be the easiest for the joints.



Wow - that's a drag.

If you can get hold of some ankle straps that hook to cables, you can fasten those just above the wrists. Then you can pull and push without using the hands, thereby aggravating the wrists. (I think). you'd be limited to the amount of weight the cable stacks hold and you'd likely have to do unilateral stuff only in some cases.

Of course, a suitable strong length of chain and 2 carabiners with the ankle straps would let you use dumbells. Watch out for the pendulum effect though!


Sounds good, luckily the cable stack at my gym was designed so that you can top it with a couple of dumbbells if needed (I doubt on purpose).

I managed some bent over rows with a couple hundred lbs bb today despite them hurting like a motherf*cker and grip was very weak (I have already small hands). I also tried the last weeks exercise of the week, the lumberjack squat.. that was also a bit tough on the wrist when the weight got heavier, still it is a kickass movement!

I wish I could give myself a break, but the guilt if I have to pussy out on a movement is unbearable.. yeah fragile ego I know.

I am not sure I quite got this one..