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Inflamed Tendon in Foot

Cliff notes: Zercher PR, foot hurts for about 6 weeks, nothing broken, help me.

November 29th or so I failed a front squat. I wanted a PR on something “heavy” so bad that I went for a 4 plate zercher from pins. Really had to use all the muscles I had for this, so I spread the floor, pushed my knees out and got up on the outside of my feet if that makes any sense. (I lift barefoot)

During the following days, my foot started hurting more and more and eventually I woke up one day screaming from the pain. Left foot, hurts the most on the outside of the proximal part of the fifth metatarsal bone. I went in to the ER and got it X-rayed. Nothing broken.

“Walk it off” Jumped home on crutches but was in pretty bad pain so I went to another place a few days later. The stressed doc squeezed my foot for a few seconds and said “inflamed fibularis brevis tendon, take some diklofenac, kthxbye”

A month after that I went to a third doctor and managed to get it X-rayed again. (Some fractures of the metatarsals can be hard to see on X-ray right away, but after a few weeks you can see healing) Nothing this time either.

I’ve rested. I’ve wrapped it. I’ve slept with it high to reduce swelling. It still hurts, especially if I try to lift weights standing. Does anyone know anything that could help me?