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Infinity2 supplements

I have been appraoched by an Infinity2 rep and wondered if anyone knew about or used these supplements. Any info beyond the company’s propaganda would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

-approached- !

I can’t speak to the efficacy of thier products, but I did a quick look over their compensation plan – definitely flawed and geared towards NOT paying you. While this isn’t the worst one I’ve seen, it’s not a good one.

Thanks Brider, I want to try to keep the discussion on the quality of the products and the validity of the claims. They drop alot of pro team names and make vague references to research (which makes me immediately suspicious). I’m looking into the research references and have checked their testimonial/endorsement page- The Yankees, The Diamondbacks, The Athletes’ Performance Institute: Mark Verstegan, and many many more. Pretty impressive if the teams/athletes are actually using the stuff and are actually paying for it.