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Infertility and Testicular Atrophy

I was curious if anyone could give me some information regarding infertility and testicular atrophy. Preferably a timeline of when these possible set in based on only using cypionate I jections.
I started injecting 8 weeks ago and have had a random sore feeling in my testes on and off ever since week 3. It’s extremely faint and comes and goes. I have secondary hypogonadism, I read that FSH and LH levels should bottom out around 6 weeks or so (without HCG) stopping production of sperm. Is there any truth to this or am I way off? I cant seem to find anything regarding a timeline for this topic.

Shutdown usually happens about 2-4 weeks in. Some do feel some testicular pain. As far as timeline for actual infertility Im not sure. Id continue to wear condoms for 6 months or get a fertility screening on your jizz to make sure there are no swimmers.

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Often testicular pain can be alleviated by increasing the frequency of injections.

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My LH was 2.7 out of 1.7-8.6 range.
And my FSH was 2.0 out of 1.5-12.4 range.

This was pre-TRT, would this possibly cause things to happen quicker? Being already on the low end for pituitary signals. Or no change in effect since TRT will drop levels to nothing anyway?

Not sure man. Sorry.

While sperm count will drop, you’ll need to be on for several months to be infertile. Plenty of guys running four to six months anabolic steroid cycles, which included testosterone, have conceived.