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Infections How to Treat or Prevent...


So for the third time in as many months I've got a skin infection. They've been getting progressively worse, and every time I've gotten one I've taken time off until it was COMPLETELY healed. This has lead to about 8 days of training in the past three months.This time though the infection was bad, I'm taking bactum to fight cellulitis on my right knee area.

For me this is heart breaking. I'm at a loss for what to do. I don't have the money to keep paying gym fees and hospital fees, but I don't want to stop training.

So I'm coming to you guys. I'm hoping for advice on how to prevent this. I already take super hot showers right when I get home and use a generic antibacterial body wash (it's just the walmart brand). So guys, what can I do?


You doing BJJ I'm guessing?

Talk to the gym they need their floor cleaned PROPERLY. If they aren't already they need to enforce rules about matts and areas people roll in, my boxing gym has a lot of BJJers and we don't do sighing a meter of the mat without taking our shoes off and cleaning our feet with alcohol rub.


Yeah the mats have looked better that's for sure. I'm not sure what's going on, or why they're not getting cleaned, but the day before I got this they were filthy. I know we've got a lot of fights coming up, and I wonder if that has anything to do with it.


There is no excuse for dirty mats, ever, let the gaffer know and it should be taken seriously if not then leave.

Seriously stuff like that can really suck, If they gym doesn't take their fighters health seriously then it's time for a new gym.


Yeah agreed.


i think i'm prone of getting staph

had that shit like 3, 4 times already.


If the mat is disgusting it's a bad sign and I would say to find another place to train.


There are no other places to train where I live, and the guys I train with are the best in the area.


MAsteve is right, there is no excuse for dirty mats. They have got to stop that nonsense, staph is serious business.

Beershoes, it sounds like you're already doing it right, the only thing I would add, until the gym owners wake up, is to buy some anti-bacterial cleansing wipes & go to the men's room to rub yourself down as soon as you're off the mat. You'll still need to take a hot sudsy shower as soon as you get home, though.

I'm talking about the little disposable towels that look like baby wipes, you can get them pretty much anywhere.


Thanks Miss Parker! I'll see about getting some from athletic body care. After this I NEVER want this to happen again. Knees aren't supposed to have holes in them.


tell that to Kevin Randleman, poor guy.


beersoaked shooes

cmon son- how did I go through wrestling and Judo all those crazy years
and very very rarely did I ever get anything remotely like this?

(maybe cause I spent allot of that time on crutches or jacked up.)

hygene dude. seriously.

buy a 2$ bottle of bleach and bring it to the gym and mop the fucking floor.

tell the dojo - they suck ass and you are submitting a bill for your Dr.
your RX and your Meds. or deduct that from your monthly bill from them.
they should be embarrassed

tinactin makes some crazy strong bar soap - buy some.

fill up a spray bottle with alcohol yes it can be vodka and throw it in your bag-
you can cut it with water spray your self and your gear when your done.

And MA steve I love you said the word gaffer you crazy Britt-


best way to prevent infection is to change your pads or tampon regularly Recommended by the CDC.



when i trained at the Gracies at L.A., they would always keep the mat impeccably clean, after training everybody would help clean everything.


your immune system is compromised. Either your over training or under-nourished. Do you get much sunshine?
DO you get tinea/ athletes foot? Do you have cuts on your feet or blisters? Try wearing some skins/rashies as extra protection but yeh, double/triple dose your vitamin c, garlic, onions and as much exotic fruit as possible. Get at least 30 mins of solid sunshine to 50% of your body at least per day.
Take a swim in the ocean once or twice a week at the least.


Are other people in the gym getting infections? If not you may just be susceptible to skin infections, and or aren't taking the necessary per-cautions


Pretty well covered above but summarizing:

Big 3
1) Clean mats. Volunteer to do it yourself and see if the gym will knock off a few bucks from your dues or toss in a private session.

2) Shower immediately after getting home.

3) Wash your training clothes every night.

4) Keep the guy with MRSA off the friggin' mat!

Secondary stuff
1) Wash your hands before leaving the gym or use an anti-baterial wipe/Purell

2) Wipe off exposed skin (i.e. legs) with an anitbaterial/alcohol/baby wipe before leaving

And finish the complete cycle of whatever meds you are given.