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Infection or Paranoia

Hi guys. So noob here. Took 1ml of t on tuesday right cheek. umm went in at 45 degree angle … wasnt thinking straight . haha get it …1 ml on friday left cheek 90 degree angle, Left cheek has been sore last couple of days but the right has been sore and painful and warm to touch. hurts to sit, drive. area is red, feels like a knot as well or hard. started getting itchy yestderday(saturday) and i had a fever for bout 4 or 5 hours on saturday. no fever today just feel groggy still itchy and still a bit painful if i touch on it…this is all just on the right side and this is the sixth day. in the military so kinda hard to try and get medical attention on my own.

Picture doesnt do much justice, but is red just under injection site about the size of my fist . Am i over reacting ? Any suggestions?

I usually get test flu and pain for the first 2weeks of injection. Is the pain getting worst and worst or better? If its getting better i’d say you’re gonna be all fine

well it seemed like a normal kinda bruising pain for the first couple of days but definetly on saturday and the first half of today sunday it hurt more just to brush it or gently touch it which is why i thought it was wierd along with the itching. the red circle i noticed on friday and noticed it was bigger today. still itchy as hell, i’ve had a heat pack on it and i can actually kinda rub it now without as much pain as before when i couldnt even really touch it without looking like i was trying to do a dance.

you probably injected the test sub Q instead of intramuscularly. Its ok nothing to worry about just takes a little longer for your body to absorb =) this happened to me thats why i know. Injected my right delt (using left hand) and didnt realize i angled it a little. Basically ended up with a red bubble exactly like yours traveling down my arm to my brachiallis muscle. Was not fun but eventually it absorbed!

sounds like it…went to see the corpsman he gave me some antibiotics… Said the infection(he said cellulitis) was trying to come out and might need it to be drained have to keep an eye on it, said i didn’t know how i got it maybe an insect bite…Now my left cheek that i pinned last friday(today being tuesday) is not red but starting to feel a painful lump. which is similar to what happened to my right side it took about 5 days before that big lump started poppin out.so now this is just pissing me off. I can’t go back and be like tada i got another one on my left side! anyways bout to throw this shit away maybe its some low grade shit and i need to try and find something better.
well see how these antibiotics do with fuckin pustolio here.