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Infection of Typical First Time?


Hey guys,

Injected my first time Tuesday night. 1 cc of test e and it got pretty sore right after. That night the pain kept waking me up but it slowly got better and not as stiff..it was a bit swollen and now has a small light red circle around it and it alitte bit warm from the blood in the area. Its only the second day and the red spot isn't growing yet and the pain is alittle better. Should I be concerned or will I just have to wait it out and see what it turns into


No. You probably have UG gear. Very normal, if you read up other posts many users are experiening the same symptoms. Most likely high Benzyl Alcohol volume in the gear. If it's getting smaller and less painful no need for concern. Press in on that spot with your finger and let me know if it leaves an indent of your finger. If its hard and leaves no indent its most likely high BA.


What site did you use and what length of needle did you use?


Hey guys its going away. Just to answer your questions tho I had no indent...and used 23 gauge 1 inch needle in my thing..it is actually going down..I knew around 72hrs I would start noticing a infection or just high BA..thanks guys.


..glad it worked out.

have to remember you are injecting oil deep into your muscle that is not normally there
it takes a while to get used to it and you will have pain and discomfort for a while.
and if it is ug gear and you dont know whats it in then it may be hi BA which is used to keep it clean.

either way if it swells a few days later dont panic until you are certain its an infection.
which believe me there will be no question about it if it happens.
but yes, pain to some degree is normal after experience you will be able to tell what is normal pain and what isnt.