Infected with a Pec Imbalance

Guys my right pec is missing a chunk of muscle in the corner. This was caused by about 14 months of bad posture on the computer. What happened was I broke the tray and had to operate the mouse from the top of the desk. This desk was pretty high so my arm was suspended in this unnatural position for long periods every day.

I’m certain this is what caused it because I had a brief 4 month gym phase prior to breaking the tray and my chest was symmetrical. I’ve recreated the posture in the mirror and the chunk of missing muscle correlates to the positioning of my arm.

There’s no strength imbalance and I’ve recorded my form to make sure the one side isn’t coming up faster. My right delt does however take over for the missing pec. It’s nothing to do with form, it’s because my right side is positioned differently due to the upper right pec being virtually non existent.

I attached a picture to give an idea. (everything inside the red is underdeveloped)

Basically I’m just asking for help because I have no idea what to do. The left side keeps making gains and the right refuses to catch up.


-right pec is severely underdeveloped in proportion to the left because of bad posture
-form and strength are not conflicts
-higher volume approach and dumbbells have made no difference.

T Nationalists please help

I recently suffered from this too. I tried to dig in to my story to find out what the problem could be. I believe that in my case when I was bench pressing my right scapula would come out of position and help pushing the weight, instead of my right pec doing the work. I assume that in my case several months of deadlifting with mixed grip contributed to my left trap being stronger than my right one, therefore causing my right scapula some sort of scapular winging because my upper back on the right side would not hold the scapula in place due to weak muscles.
This is just my story, perhaps you are suffering some other problem.
I would advise you to focus on dumbbell bench presses so you can really focus on your right chest doing the work.

Most likely your right shoulder is rolled forward and more chest volume will probably just make that worse.

Shoulder mobility work, face pulls, and increased back work are more in order.