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Infected Strechmark


is there anything that will help infected stretchmarks besides anti-biotics? aloe, alcohol or polysporin work?


I was wondering if you were a troll. I am leaning more and more to "yes". How did your stretch marks alone become infected?

Your post history is hilarious.


A shower once a day, minimum.


Yea, I need help too. Is there any suppliment besides fish oil that will help reduce how SWOLE I look?


They say that if the "swelling" lasts over four hours to call their hotline for assistance.


Indeed it is. I didn't even know stretchmarks could get infected. I mean, that is impossible. Isn't it?


Didja hear about the Pollack on his
honeymoon ? Sat on the edge of the
bed all night waiting for the swelling to go down.


Drink lots of beer. And act like an asshole...oh wait you already do that...