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Infected Puncture Wound...


OK. I was fucking with a rose bush and it stabbed me several times. I washed my hands afterwards but one of the puncture wounds is infected and slightly swollen. When I sqeeze it puss comes out. I am using neosporin on it after I squeeze the puss out.

Other than going to a doctor and spending 100+ dollars for what I already know I need (antibiotics) or cutting the wound open with a knife and draining it and then covering it with disinfectant until it heals what can I do?

I don't really feel like spending +100$ for some 5$ pills and I don't want to cut myself open either. Do I have any other options?

It's not that bad yet, nowhere near gangreen.


Go and get the most heavy duty clamp that you can find, position it carefully around finger and tighten as much as possible. What you want to do is generate enough pressure to squeeze every last drop of pus out of the wound, hopefully all of the infection will come out with the pus.

Second option is just to get a big fucking axe and cut the end of your finger off, you have nine others so losing one shouldnt be too much of a problem. You just want to be careful that your new stump doesnt get infected, other wise you will have to chop a bit more off, etc..........


you need to squeeze all the puss out and irrigate by squirting water in it. if neosporin and shit isnt helping then there is bacteria deep in there, and digging in there wont help. IF you see red lines going up your arm and or swollen lymph nodes under your armpit or neck. its time to spend the 100 bucks or whatever.

otherwise it will go systemic. and you will get a fever...and die to death.


Yea, the mantra is squeeeeze now.

If there are any red lines the money for antibiotics will be spent.

Thanks guys.


How the f**k does someone die to death?



Go to an actual doctor which will cost about 40$. He will probably give you a prescription for amoxycilyn or something of the same type. These pills are cheap, like 10$ for a full run of thirty or so pills.


Option 1: Go find a kid with acne and steal their antibiotics that they use to get rid of it, you'll need a weeks worth.
Option 2: squeeze all of the puss out, then pour some peroxide over it, and wrap with one of those antibiotic bandages for a day.
Option 3: Be a true t-man and bight the damn finger off, apply a tourniquet and keep lifting!

PS how do you fuck with a rose bush? Picking flowers eh?


Fuckin' pansy!



You should go to a doctor. Rose bushes can spread a fungal infection caused by a fungus called Sporothrix schenckii. The disease that can develope is called sporotrichosis here is a list of sypmtoms from e-medicine:
Sporotrichosis Symptoms:

Once the mold spores move into the skin, the disease takes days-to-months to develop.

The first symptom is a firm bump (nodule) on the skin that can range in color from pink to nearly purple. The nodule is usually painless or only mildly tender.

Over time, the nodule may develop an open sore (ulcer) that may drain clear fluid.

Untreated, the nodule and the ulcer become chronic and may remain unchanged for years.

In about 60% of cases, the mold spreads along the lymph nodes. Over time, new nodules and ulcers spread in a line up the infected arm or leg. These can also last for years.

In very rare cases, the infection can spread to other parts of the body.

The disease can infect the bones, joints, lungs, and brain.

Such spreading usually occurs only in people with a weakened immune system.

These infections can be life threatening and are difficult to treat.

So as you can see this can be quite serious so do not fuck around.

Also you could have developed cellulitis, which is a bacterial infection again this is something that you should not fuck around with. It can go systemic meaning into your bloodstream leading to all kinds of problems you do not need.

I had cellulitis that was not properly treated and landed in the hospital for a day hooked up to IV antibiotics, that is a bill you do not want to have believe me. So go to a doctor and get the proper treament and you will be fine makes no sense at all to screw around with this even if you think it is nothing, play it safe or you may wish you had.

Offer to pay cash and the doctor you go to may offer a time of service discount and even maybe some free samples again something that worked for me once when I was younger and got sick and had no coverage.

Good luck.


Don't use neosporin for a puncture type wound. It will make it worse. Put alcohol on it. Alcohol kills very few germs BUT it will help it dry out. I learned this on an infected ear piercing that would not heal with neosporin. Those are not the exact same type of wounds but it's worth a try.


Thanks everyone.

The mold thing is what it looks like. A small pinkish tender bump that issues clear pus when squeezed. No ulcer though.

I was fucking with the rose bush cause I had mustard on my hand and it was raining. I thought nice wet leaves would be easier than washing my hands to get the mustard off. Turns out the bush was a thorny bitch.


It's a little early to call mold infection.

If you have a spreading infection you should be able to tell.

Sometimes cuts and punctures get infected, it's nothing to panic about. If it isn't healing appropriately or is spreading, then you certainly should have it looked it.

If you are paranoid enough to freak out and ask us about it, then go see your doctor. They'll prescribe something just to be on the safe side most likely.

I got a cut on my calf at the gym recently, and being the hotbeds of disease that gyms are, I had a nice two inch diameter red zone within a couple of days. Once I noticed this I watched the size, but it didn't grow anymore and faded. Surprised the heck out of me when I saw it.

Sure, I tore the scab off and let it bleed out some as soon as I saw the rash, then doused it with alcohol. Ouch. No problems.

If it had continued to spread I'd have been in to see the doc in no time!


Leeches. You have to get rid of the bad blood.


Well, you can't die to life.


blood letting is faster.